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Lily’s Garden Game - A Fun Romance-Based Match-3 Puzzle Game

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lilys garden game

Lily’s Garden

Developer: Tactile Games

Category: Puzzle


Are you fond of redecorating gardens? Do you enjoy playing match-3 puzzle games? Then, you are in for a treat! That’s because you can actually do the same activities by playing Lily’s Garden. As the game’s title suggests, it is a game that focuses on restoring a garden that belongs to Lily.

Published by Tactile Games, the Lily’s Garden game is not solely about renovating a garden. To do such an objective, you need to complete various challenging puzzles to earn in-game currencies, such as gold and stars. You will use these resources to get items that you will use to customize your garden.

The Challenge Behind Lily’s Garden

But before we jump into the game, we need to first unfold the story behind this exciting puzzle game. Aside from the garden restoration and the puzzle-solving, you need to enjoy the plot behind the game. The story started when Lily’s great aunt passed away and left Lily with a big estate but with a special condition.

As you will notice in the game, you will see that the property is massively old and needs revamping. Lily needs to bring back the garden’s former beauty in the span of 30 days only, or else you will not get the enormous estate.

To successfully meet your Aunt’s condition, you need to solve various match-3 puzzles that will grant you stars to help you renovate the entire property. In Lily’s Garden, you will get a chance to solve loads of beautiful puzzles.

The Start of Your Renovating Journey

In playing the Lily’s Garden app, you can decorate, renovate and expand the garden according to your preferences, from the facade, old lake, dog houses, and even beehives. The whole renovation will depend on your hands, and you will be rewarded for your efforts.

To renovate the estate, you need to complete blasts of puzzle games to obtain stars. These puzzle games vary depending on the level of difficulty; some are easy, while some are challenging. You will also be rewarded with boosts throughout the game that will help you accomplish tricky match-3 blast puzzles.

Uncover & Enjoy the Plot Twists

As mentioned before, Lily’s Garden is not only about redecorating and solving puzzles. Along the way, you will interact with different characters that will help you unveil a romantic love story. Experience the twists and turns of the story while you redecorate the estate

Also, you will get a chance to learn about some hidden secrets and mysteries while playing the game. Here, you will encounter new family and friendships. You will also get an opportunity to gain four-legged friends!

As you progress in the game and redecorate the manor, you will discover loads of mysteries and secrets that will give you a chance to explore new areas of the house. From there, you will get a chance to discover surprises where you will be tasked to solve various enigmas.

A Relaxing Romantic Match-3 Blast Game

If you are looking for a game where you can relax for a while, you must not miss playing the Lily’s Garden game. With its decorating aspect, you will surely feel relaxed as you help Lily revamp her inheritance while unveiling and exploring the old family garden.

Here, you will not only deal with Lily, but you will also get a chance to play with various humans and animal friends, making the entire game more fun and exciting. Get ready to experience a remarkable love story with your neighbors and gain friends as well.

Moreover, as you play Lily’s Garden, don’t forget to participate in various special events to earn awesome rewards. Don’t forget to play the newest chapter of Lily’s story!

So, are you ready to help Lily redecorate her inherited garden for 30 days? Let’s see how far you will go!

Exhilarating Features You Shouldn’t Miss!

  • A fun and exciting story-based puzzle game
  • Redecorate, revamp and expand Lily’s Garden
  • Solve hundreds of match-3 blast puzzles
  • Unleash hidden secrets and mysteries of the estate
  • Establish mutual relationships with neighbors and new friends
  • Enjoy and track the romantic story while redecorating the garden
  • Participate in different events and earn amazing rewards

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