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Posted on May 17, 2021
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When it comes to fun and exciting multiplayer games, nothing usually tops shooting games. They’re one of the most fun, exciting, and action-packed multiplayer games that you can find. And this is primarily because of how competitive these types of games can be. This is also the reason why there are many shooting games available for you to download and play. One such game that’s worth playing is the Modern Strike Online: Free PVP FPS shooting game. It’s an action shooting game that’s published by Azur Interactive Games Limited.

It’s a typical multiplayer FPS game that provides various game modes for you to enjoy. It has both single-player and multiplayer game modes available. This means you don’t always have to battle against other players. You can choose to fight against the game’s AI. Like many shooting games available right now, you will be purchasing weapons first that you will use in the various game modes.

There are many different guns that you can purchase to use in the game. You can also upgrade these guns to make them stronger. But keep in mind that purchasing and upgrading will cost resources, so it’s best to be wise about the guns that you buy. But which are the best guns available in Modern Strike Online? This article will help you with that.

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In-game screenshot: Modern Strike Online lobby


The Best Assault Rifle

Like with other shooting games, Modern Strike Online will also have various gun classes so we’ll start with the best assault rifles in the game. You’ll actually start playing with the assault rifle, the Scar-L. Though it’s a decent gun, it’s not the best one available. That description will have to go to the AKSU, which has the fastest rate of fire among assault rifles.

AKSU also has decent damage, which makes it one of the best assault rifles in the game. A good second option would be the AR15, which has one of the highest damage outputs among assault rifles. It also has the 3rd fastest rate of fire, so it’s also a good weapon to have. These are the two assault rifles that you should focus on. The great thing about assault rifles is that you can use them for fighting, whether it’s a close range, mid-range, or long-range. But mid-range to long-range is where it really excels.

The Best Sniper Rifle

If you’re someone who prefers long-distance fighting, then the sniper rifle is your best bet. However, when it comes to the best one, that would have to be the L96 Arctic. This sniper has the highest damage among all sniper rifles. Another good sniper rifle to consider is the G28. It doesn’t have very high damage, but it has the 3rd fastest rate of fire among sniper rifles. It’s a sniper rifle that you can basically use in mid-range combat since its rate of fire will allow you to shoot consecutively. So in their entirety, the L96 Arctic and the G28 should be your focus among sniper rifles.

The Best Shotgun

If close-range combat is what you prefer, then there’s nothing better than the shotgun. It can allow you to 1-shot enemies if you’re close enough. Now, the Raging Judge would have to be at the top of your list since it has the highest damage output outside of the Special Guns. You can literally kill enemies with 1 shot if you hit them square on during a close-range battle.

modern strike online shotgun

In-game screenshots: Saiga shotgun in Modern Strike Online

A good alternative is the Saiga, which has the second-fastest rate of fire among shotguns. It also has good damage, so it’s still possible to 1-shot enemies. The great thing about the fast rate of fire is that it will allow you to shoot consecutively–making it easier to deal with multiple enemies.

The Best Light Machine Gun

If you prefer a more powerful all-around weapon than assault rifles, then light machine guns are your options. They’re good guns for a close, mid, or long-range fight. The PKM takes the top spot among light machine guns, having the highest damage in its class and tied for the fastest rate of fire. The MG36 would be a good alternative. It doesn’t have the same damage output as the PKM, but its damage is still much better than most assault rifles.

The Best Submachine Gun

For close to mid-range battles, then the submachine gun class is a good pick. These are the weapons that have the fastest rate of fire in the game, so they can make it rain bullets during clashes. The Dual Uzi would have to be at the best one on your list. Not only does it have the highest damage among submachine guns, but it also has the fastest fire rate.

It’s a great gun that can quickly put holes in your enemies. The Vector ACP is a good alternative, too. It has the second-highest damage output among submachine guns and the second-fastest rate of fire.

The Best Pistol

When your primary and secondary weapons run out of bullets, you’re left with using a pistol. Fortunately, there are also good pistols that can help you kill enemies and survive. The best one would have to be the Desert Eagle. It has the highest damage output among pistols. Moreover, its rate of fire is also decent, so you can use it properly during a clash.

A good alternative would be the Dual Beretta and the Dual Deagle. They don’t have the same damage capability as the Desert Eagle, but they both have the 1st and 2nd fastest rate of fire among pistols.

The Best Special Gun


modern strike online microgun

In-game screenshot: XM556 Microgun in Modern Strike Online

Modern Strike Online also has special guns that you can acquire. For damage, the PSE or Spirit of War would be your top picks. Both guns have the highest damage output among guns in the game. For the fastest rate of fire, that’s the XM556 Microgun, which has the fastest rate of fire among guns in the game.

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