Nobodies Walkthrough – A Guide on the Point-and-Click Adventure Game

Posted on November 28, 2021
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Published by Blyts, Nobodies is a puzzle and point-and-click adventure game where you are tasked to cover up the assassinations made by the government. Here, your job is to hide the dead bodies, destroy the possible pieces of evidence, and make everything clean, just like nothing happened.

In Nobodies game, you will play as the “cleaner” and at the same time a “spy.” Here, you will acquire to inspect every room, pick up items, and even shove bodies to figure out what you need to do with them. Continue reading if you want to know more about this adventure game here at our Nobodies walkthrough.

The Nobodies Gameplay

In Nobodies game, the gameplay comprises two tasks. The first goal is to look for untraceable means connected to the dead body and find implicating clues that an assassination took place. The inspection depends on the location and things implied in the murder.

To interact with the objects from the first-person view, you simply need to point and click. Sometimes, you also need to pick up some items and bring them with you, which can be helpful in the progression.

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There are instances where you need to stash the corpse and put a new identity in the morgue. Also, there are occurrences that you need to transport the dead body from a passenger train. But you need to ensure that no passengers will notice it.

Nobodies – A Fun Trial-and-Error Game

In playing Nobodies, you have to be good at trial-and-error within certain limits, which enables you to work with your tasks. Let’s say doing the hotel room clean-up task; from there, you can simply throw the body out the window and easily remove the body from the scene. Though it is an easy way out, it is not recommended as the authorities will easily spot you.

To successfully run your tasks, you need to keep in mind that your actions should be strategic and will not break the secrecy of the assassinations. Along the way, you will work with your briefcase where you will place important items, clues, and even dead bodies. Doing such missteps can lead you to a crashed mission, which means you need to reload the game at the latest checkpoint and try to do it again.

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Once you successfully dispose of the dead body, the mission is finished and leads you to the next task phase, which is to make sure that the crime scene is clear off from possible clues or traces that lead to the assassination.

Nobodies – A Dirty Work Cleaning Game

In clearing the murder scene, you have to be keen on all possible details. You need to be invisible and don’t let the authorities catch you. Usually, each mission takes from 15 to 30 minutes. As the level gets higher, the difficulty becomes more complex.

When implicating pieces of evidence, you have to be resourceful and don’t the authorities suspect a possible murder in the place. For instance, in destroying surveillance videos, you can borrow a cable splitter from the television and rewire the surveillance camera before you leave. Make the crime scene less susceptible to authorities by leaving it free from possible traces and shreds of evidence as well.

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If you think completing a mission is easy as pie, well, don’t settle to this instinct as you need to travel to various locations for you to meet your objective. If you think burying a dead body in a suburban backyard is effective, then it is not. The traces of decay can be discovered soon, which reopens the case.

In burying a dead body, you have to think outside the box, be more creative, and aim for a better and permanent solution. Failed attempts are normal, but it is recommended to do it just once. But, it will be more than likely to avoid failures and be more strategic in making your moves.

There are also instances where you need to kill civilians who will take your path to clean up. However, this action is similar to a failed mission as you need to bury more casualties. And that leads you to unwanted costs.

Play Nobodies on PC Now!

Though the objective is relatively the same, there are various missions you can enjoy. As of now, 11 missions are set from prison to airstrips. Also, there are loads of puzzles to solve, which are related to your missions. So, there’s a lot of means to enjoy this game and at the same time boost your tactical skills.

If you want to experience the Nobodies gameplay, it is highly recommended to have it on your PC. With its broader and seamless gameplay experience, you will surely be a successful cleaner and spy at the same time.

So, are you ready to become the best cleaner and spy? Well, let’s see what you’ve got! Download Nobodies now, and clean the dirty work right away. For more updates and information about Nobodies and other adventure games, stay tuned here at EmulatorPC.

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