The 5 Best Games That Are Fun & Appropriate For Kids

Posted on August 14, 2021
5 Best Kids Game

Playing video games is one of the things that many kids love to do. It’s usually one of the activities that they can spend hours doing without getting bored or even wanting to stop. Unfortunately, not all video games are appropriate for kids to play. And many of the games that are appropriate for kids are not all that fun and exciting to play. This is a dilemma since many kids prefer playing games that are fun and exciting. Fortunately, there are still fun and exciting games that are very appropriate for kids to play. And to help you identify what these games are, this blog post will list down 5 of the best and fun games that kids can play.

There are many good games that are appropriate for kids out there. But the ones we listed here are the games that your kids will have fun playing. Check out the 5 best games that are fun and appropriate for kids below.

Pokemon Café Mix

One of the best games that you can have your kids play is Pokemon Café ReMix. It’s a casual game where your kids will play the role of a café owner. But instead of serving people, they will serve Pokemon instead. But they won’t be doing this alone, as they can also hire Pokemon as helpers to help serve and prepare dishes in the café. What’s fun about this game is that preparing food and drinks requires them to play a short puzzle game.
Pokemon Cafe

It’s a simple linking game where they just link together similar Pokemon faces on the puzzle board. Once they achieve the target, the food or drink is completed. Aside from serving food and drinks, they can also grow and expand their café. It’s a fun game that your kid will definitely enjoy, especially with the cute Pokemon they will see.

Glow Hockey 2

Another fun game that your kid might enjoy playing is Glow Hockey 2. It’s an arcade game where your kid gets to play air hockey. The gameplay is simple, your kid gets to control a paddle, and then there’s a puck on the board. The goal is to shoot the puck in the opposing goal while protecting their own goal. The difficulty of the game can be adjusted starting with Easy.
Glow Hockey 2 download free

You can start your kid with the Easy mode first. If they find it too easy, then try the Medium with the Hard mode being the more challenging one. What’s great about this game is that it also has an offline two-player mode. Your kid can play this game with a friend or a sibling on 1 device. It’s like having an actual air hockey game in your home. It’s a fun and exciting game that they will love, especially if they have someone to play with.

Bubbu My Virtual Pet

If your kid has always wanted to have a pet, but you’re not yet sure if they can handle the responsibility, then let them play Bubbu My Virtual Pet. It’s a casual simulation game where it will simulate what it’s like to have a pet. In this game, your kid will be taking care of a cat named Bubbu. This would include feeding Bubbu, cleaning him, and putting him to bed. Your kid will also have to play with Bubbu or cuddle him to make sure he is happy.
Bubbu Game

Bubbu will live in a house with many different rooms and each room is where your kid will do the activity. There’s a room for feeding and bathing. There’s also a bedroom and playroom for your pet. It’s a great and fun game to let your kid experience the joys and responsibilities of having a pet.

Animal Jam

Another fun game that your kid will like playing is Animal Jam. It’s an educational game where your kid gets to play any creature that they want. They will be taken to a place called Jaama, where different animals roam freely and interact. It’s a game where your kid can let their inner animal and creativity loose. It starts with your kid selecting the type of animal they will be in the game and then customizing it to fit their style.
Animal Jam screenshot

But aside from their appearance, they can also customize and design their own home, which they can show to other players. But being creative and socializing with other players is not the only thing your kid can do here. There are also various mini-games that they will enjoy playing. They’ll definitely enjoy this game where their creativity can be cultivated further.

Toca Life World

Last, but certainly not the least, is Toca Life World. It’s a simulation game where your kid’s creativity and imagination will be used. It’s a virtual dollhouse, where your kid is given a preset town. From there, they can control the characters, put them in different areas, and create stories or scenarios. They can make the character stand, sit, lie down, or hold various items. They can also customize the character to change their appearance.
Toca Life World Game

There are many more fun games that kids can play. But the ones listed here are some of the best and most fun games available.

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