Phobies Tier List – Getting to Know the Best & Weakest Monsters

Posted on September 11, 2022
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Phobies is a turn-based strategy game released by Smoking Gun Interactive last March 7, 2022. In this game, you’ll be set in a bizarre realm of the human subconscious where all battles take place. To withstand all of your opponents, you need to choose your Phobies, also known as fears, and utilize their abilities to grip control of the treacherous environments. You can get to know more about them in our Phobies tier list.

Along with your phobies, you also need to develop a terrific strategy and outshine all players who wish to take you down in the arena or even in the asynchronous battle. Generally, there are more than 120 Phobies or Fears available in the game. Aside from being adorable, you’ll surely be challenged by who among them you’ll choose. To help you decide which among the monsters can withstand you in your battles, let our Phobies tier list help you out.

Phobies Tier List – Reveal the Best & Worst Fears

By using this Phobies Tier List, you’ll get a chance to know the best characters to summon in the game. Once you’ve found out the best characters in Phobies, you’ll be confident that you’ll be able to dominate your opponents and prosper in the game quicker.

Phobies Gameplay

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In Phobies, take note each Phobie has its own ability, playstyle, skills, and more. There are some monsters that can be good in the arena but can’t stand in the PvE battles. But, if you wish to maximize the ability of your chosen monster, it’s better to level them up as you progress in the game.

So, who among the 120 Phobies is the greatest? How about the weakest? Let this Phobies Tier List help you out. In this tier list, the Phobies are classified into four tiers; S, A, B, and C. S-Tier phobies are acclaimed to be the most formidable characters, while C monsters are the weakest ones. Here are the phobies or fears in each tier;

S-Tier Monsters – The Most Powerful Fears

If you’re opting for the cream of the crop of the game, then you better deploy characters under this tier. Monsters in this tier are renowned for their outstanding performance in any type of battle. If you wish to quickly progress in the game and become the greatest player, you must consider having an S-Tier Phobie. Here are the S-Tier Phobies;

  • Alley Gator
  • Sheeping Gas
  • Blast-0 Matic


Phobies Alley Gator


A-Tier Monsters – The Excellent Phobies

If you’re not too lucky today to achieve phobies from S-Tier, you can alternatively settle for the characters here in A-Tier. Like the S-Tier Phobies, A-Tier characters are renowned for their dynamic performances in any kind of battle. Here are the fears under this tier;

  • Murder Wing
  • Jar Cannon
  • Eratic
  • Grave Digger


Phobies Jar Cannon


B-Tier Monsters – The Average Phobies

During the early phase of the game, you can depend on the characters under the B-Tier, but with efficient utilization only. However, once you’ve reached the mid and late phase or more challenging modes, you should swap your B-Tier to higher-tier monsters. Here are the fears under the B-Tier;

  • Stabby
  • Finnigan


Phobies Stabby


C-Tier Monsters – The Weakest Phobies

If S-Tier monsters are renowned for being the greatest phobies, then C-Tier monsters are known to be the weakest ones. Phobies under this category are not highly recommended to use as they don’t attack in an excellent manner. Here’s the only monster under this tier;

  • Razor Mouth


Phobies Razor Mouth


Getting To Know the Overpowered Phobies

These are the heroes under the S-Tier group along with their profile in terms of abilities and stats;

Alley Gator

This monster-type phobies is famous for having no additional effects in the battle. But, this Phobie stands out in its abundance in terms of health and damage against opponents. Additionally, this monster has a fantastic ability to heal himself at the emergence of your turns.

Blast-0 Matic

This mechanical-type phobie is popular for its immunity to poison and disease effects. Also, it is famous for its significance in terms of damage, especially when releasing an electrical attack called Friggin Lazer.

Sheeping Gas

Like Alley Gator, Sheeping Gas is a monster-type phobie popular for its ability to affect other monsters with its poison. The poisoning effect of Sheeping Gas doesn’t work with mechanical type fears. But, once inflicted with other phobies, it will last for a long time. This incredible skill of Sheeping Gas is known as PHEW!

Phobies Game


Conquer Your Battles Using the Phobies Tier List

Now that you already know the best and worst monsters in Phobies, this is your chance to dominate the battlefield using the strongest phobies in the game. So we hope that this Phobies Tier List helped you figure out the best monster who can withstand all your battles. For more information, tips, tricks, and updates about some of the best strategy games, stay in the loop here in EmulatorPC.


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