The Legend of Neverland Review – Is It Similar With Genshin Impact?

Posted on November 13, 2021
Legend Of Neverland Review Genshin Similarity

Are you searching for a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) like Genshin Impact? Do you want to experience and dive into a world that’s filled with mystery and magic? The Legend of Neverland provides neverending fun and excitement. This role-playing game also has fantastic gameplay that you will want to experience. It’s a refreshing take to MMORPG, which you will love.

Published by Hong Kong developers, GameArk Global, The Legend of Neverland has a lot of similarities with Genshin Impact. So it’s no surprise that players are calling it a clone of the latter. Nevertheless, it still has many unique features.

If you want to learn more about this role-playing game, make sure to check out our The Legend of Neverland review below. And if you want to experience the game for yourself on PC, you can download it here for free at EmulatorPC. The graphics will look crisp and crystal clear as you go on an adventure across the world of Neverland.

Jump Into the Massive World & Create Your Character

In Genshin Impact, you can only choose from among two characters to use from the get-go. But in The Legend of Neverland, you have the freedom to choose and customize the appearance and outfits of your character.

At the beginning of the game, you first need to select your gender. Then, you can customize the outfit and appearance of your character. There are numerous eye shapes, skin colors, and hairstyles to choose from. You can also pick an armor that suits your playstyle, combat style, and preference the most. Don’t worry because you’ll be able to change your outfits once you win every battle. Some of the rewards include different types of armor, equipment, and gear. Thus, you have many to choose from.

The Legend Of Neverland Choose Character

You can switch the gears and pieces of equipment you receive into fashionable outfits or if you want to gain more power. Use the Stain feature to change the color of the outfits or Miru to make your character stand out in the game.

Breathtaking Graphics & Sound Design

One of the marvelous things about The Legend of Neverland is that it has impressive and mesmerizing sceneries. The colors are vivid and crisp, enabling you to have a wonderful sensory experience. Even though its graphics have similarities with Genshin Impact, you can’t deny that an MMORPG has to have pleasant effects and a terrific sound design to make it work. Of course, your character will be traveling to different areas of the game, and it has to offer striking visuals to complete the player experience. The overall aesthetics of The Legend of Neverland is highly detailed.

Exploring Neverland to Complete Quests

Like any MMORPG, The Legend of Neverland offers a gigantic world for you to explore. In this world, you need to unveil the mystery of Cabala. There are main quests and side quests, which you need to complete. As a reward, you’ll be given prizes and XPs to level up. The quests will be divided into several parts, such as talking to an NPC, searching for quest items to progress through the storyline, or joining battles against monsters and evil foes. Unlike Genshin Impact, this game comes with an auto-battle or auto-path function to save time.

The Legend Of Neverland Battle

You can also teleport your character to any place you have unlocked within seconds. You can also access certain places, so you can gather specific resources to complete missions. So while exploring the world, your character will learn tons of life skills to live and survive. For example, your character will know how to gather resources, produce food, and craft items.

Get Your Own Flower Fairy

Another thing that’s unique about this RPG is that you’ll have your very own Flower Fairy to join you on your journey. These Flower Fairies have their own skills and attributes, so you need to choose depending on what skills you want your fairy to have.

The Legend Of Neverland Flower Fairy

You can summon a Flower Fairy by spending 300 Summon Seeds every time. And as you level up, you can add more Flower Fairies in your battle formations to gain more CP in combat. You can also dismantle the Flower Fairies to get Fairy Essence in the Fairy Workshop.

The Fairy Essence is used for trading for Flower Fairy Fragments. These materials are used to advance your Flower Fairy to a higher rank.


The Legend of Neverland offers tons of breathtaking and exhilarating adventures, which you will have a fun time playing. Hopefully, this game review provides relevant information about the game and what you can expect upon playing it.

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