Top 5 Woodoku Tips, Hints & Cheats to Quickly Clear Levels

Posted on March 10, 2022
Woodoku Tips To Clear Levels

Last 2020, Triple Studios Limited’s Woodoku reached the gaming world and quickly captivated the hearts of board puzzle game enthusiasts with its amazing gameplay and interesting features. If you’re familiar with the gameplay of Sudoku, then you will surely understand how this game works. In short,  it’s a simplified form of sudoku, and its offers loads of fun. This game revolves around placing and clearing made of wood blocks from a certain board. Even though you’re a certified sudoku expert, Woodoku offers challenging levels that will test your gray matter.

To help you out with the challenging levels and to quickly clear levels in Wooduku, we compiled a list of the top 5 Woodoku tips, hints, and cheats. These will assist you while playing this mix and match stuff puzzle.

Woodoku Gameplay

Image Source: Woodoku Gameplay


A Glimpse on How to Play Woodoku

Before we jump into the list of Woodoku tips, let us first do a quick recap of how this exhilarating game works. In playing Woodoku, your main goal is to locate the wooden blocks from the board, do combinations, and be rewarded with points. Here, you can only do three combinations or matches, nine vertical lines, nine horizontal lines, and a square combination consisting of nine (3×3) blocks.

Like the usual board games, you will get points once you get a match, but you will get double points if you get a series of matches.

Top 5 Woodoku Tips Every Player Must Know

Regardless of what kind of player you are, a newbie, or someone who enjoys immensely Woodoku, this comprehensive list can help you along the way. So, here are the best tips, tricks, hints, and cheats you can use in playing Woodoku.

How To Play Woodoku


1. Focus on the Space

While playing Woodoku, you always need to consider the space you’re leaving for the upcoming set of blocks. Also, you need to see what you can clear with the blocks you currently have. To ensure that you’re on the right track, it’s best to focus first on your current set of blocks and see if these blocks are fit in the sequence you wish to place them.

2. Consistently Check for Possible Matches

Another useful tip that you must keep in mind is to always look for possible matches. If you want to get or clear more space, it’s best to take time to concentrate on the board and see the most accessible matches you can do from it. Apart from that, you must remember that your objective is to do matches in straight lines and squares. So it’s better to focus on your goals and take every chance to clear more spaces in the game.

Woodoku Spaces


3. Opt for Multiple Matches

If you want to easily clear levels in Woodoku, you have to think about getting multiple matches. Though getting a match is still acceptable, having multiple matches is way better, especially if you want to clear the spaces quickly. Doing multiple matches is quite simple if you know the trick. Try to focus on the board and look for strategic ways how to obtain numerous matches. It will include the arrangements of the wooden blocks to get various matches out of it.

4. Strive Not to Leave Any Single Space

Another thing that you need to think about in playing Woodoku is to try your best not to leave single spaces. It is quite awkward to fill those spaces without affecting other pieces if this happens. There are rare moments when you achieve single blocks. To avoid this from happening, it is better to try your best to leave gaps that you can quickly fill and leave those single spaces if necessary.

5. Check for Daily Challenges

To practice your skills in Woodoku, it is a good idea to opt for daily challenges in the game. Also, these challenges can rest you from the pressure of the wooden blocks and see yourself playing for gems. These challenges are offered on day to day basis, so there’s always something to check out before or after playing Woodoku on a certain day. These challenges can also give you a way to get special rewards that can help you in the actual board game.

So, there you have it. We hope that these Woodoku tips and tricks helped you a lot in clearing more levels in this fun and exciting board game. If you are looking for a casual game that can kill your vacant hours or something that can energize your mettle, you must consider having Woodoku on your list. You might end up playing this game all day as you beat your previous scores.

So, are you ready to clear those spaces on the board? Let’s see what you’ve got! For more pieces of information, tips, tricks, cheats, hints, updates, and guides about this exciting game, stay tuned here at EmulatorPC.

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