A Gameplay Review Of The Sports Game Wrestling Revolution 3D

Posted on April 21, 2021
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When it comes to sports games available for mobile playing, wrestling may likely not be at the top of the list. But that’s understandable considering many of the titles are a bit bad to play. However, there are some good wrestling games available that can provide you some entertainment. One such wrestling game is Wrestling Revolution 3D, an action sports game developed and published by MDickie.

The game has already over 60 million downloads, which shows that people enjoy playing it. And this is despite the fact that it didn’t get any licensing deal with any professional league. This means that you can’t expect known wrestler names to grace the game. But that’s okay because what you’ll enjoy is not the wrestlers, but the gameplay itself.

But is this really a good wrestling game? What makes this game a great game and better than the other titles? To answer that question, this article is going to review the gameplay of Wrestling Revolution 3D.

The Gameplay of Wrestling Revolution 3D

When you start playing Wrestling Revolution 3D, you won’t be wowed by the graphics. You might even feel like it’s a bit outdated. But that won’t really matter as you’d likely forget about its outdated graphics once you start playing the game. You’ll be amazed at how smooth and easy it is to learn the controls in Wrestling Revolution 3D. The buttons are very self-explanatory, so you won’t be having issues guessing what a certain button will do.

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In-game screenshots: Wrestling Revolution 3D

Of course, before you actually play any matches, you should first go to the settings menu and change the control setting to mobile or whatever platform you are using. After that, go to the training mode first before participating in official matches. The reason for this is that the game will have several combos and moves that you can do, and it requires knowing which buttons to push to use them. Though you can easily figure them out during the gameplay, it would be best if you learn about them during the training.

The gameplay itself is very fun and it will remind you of the great wrestling games that you used to play on consoles. That’s how amazing the gameplay is of Wrestling Revolution 3D. Once you get the hang of the combos, you’re ready to start your virtual wrestling career or play in one of the available shows. Apply what you’ve learned and you’ll soon dominate in this wrestling game.

Starting Your Wrestling Career

Probably one of the best things about Wrestling Revolution 3D is the Wrestling Career mode. This is because it allows you to do things that you can’t do with other wrestling games. Once you’ve chosen your wrestler and you’re offered a contract, you’re allowed to negotiate and haggle about the details. This includes the amount of money you’re getting paid for, how many weeks you will wrestle, and control over your character’s creativity. You can even negotiate guaranteed pay and healthcare, just like in a real-life wrestling contract negotiation.

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In-game screenshots: Fixing your schedule the Wrestling Career mode

This is something that you don’t normally do with other wrestling games, so this is a huge plus. Aside from the ability to negotiate your contract, everything else is pretty much standard. You follow the scheduled fights in matches, train yourself to become better, and then renegotiate once the contract is completed. And like with typical wrestling sim games, there are also some dramas backstage that can lead to fights.

What’s Bad About Wrestling Revolution 3D?

Of course, not everything is good and dandy with Wrestling Revolution 3D. There are also things that you might find annoying or irritating about the game. One of the things that would bother you here is that the default of the game’s control setting is set to the gamepad. So unless you change that, you won’t be able to move or do anything when you start playing the game.

You have to adjust the control settings first to fit what you’re using to be able to play properly. Another thing that might annoy you is the fact that many of the available wrestlers are rip-offs of popular wrestlers. Yes, this game wasn’t able to license professional wrestlers, but that didn’t stop them from creating imitations. You will recognize them when you start playing like Nightshift is a clear knock-off of The Undertaker. While the Redneck Rolston is an imitation of Stone Cold Steve Austin.

You’ll see plenty of that in the game and it can be a source of irritation. Fortunately, you can always edit the wrestler’s name, so you can change it to their original names, to add a bit of excitement. The graphics might also be a cause of annoyance since it is a bit outdated. But aside from the ones mentioned above, there’s really nothing to complain too much about this game.

The Verdict (3.8/5)

Wrestling Revolution 3D does deliver on its amazing gameplay, making it a fun and entertaining wrestling game to play. There are some things that the developer could improve more in the game. Maybe update the game’s graphics or adjust the default settings of the control. But other than that, it’s still a solid game that’s worth trying out. With that, we give it a rating of 3.8 out of 5.

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