X-Hero Idle Avengers Tier List – The Best Characters For Your Team

Posted on November 14, 2022
X Hero Idle Avengers Tier List

If you’re the type of player who is immensely interested in playing role-playing games, then you must not miss a chance to play X-Hero Idle Avengers. It is also a great RPG suitable for superhero comics fanatics. From its breathtaking gameplay, idle and card game elements, and comic-style graphics, you’ll surely find this game more interesting. However, you can dominate the game with the help of an X-Hero Idle Avengers tier list.

In X-Hero Idle Avengers, you’re tasked to form your powerful idle team of heroes that can dominate the future space war. There are loads of available avengers in the game and they are grouped into 6 factions: Raiders, Rangers, Supermen, Warriors, Mages, and Supports. You need to be strategic in forming your squad if you want to conquer this game effectively.

X-Hero Idle Avengers Tier List – The Best Avengers On Your Team

In this X-Hero Idle Avengers Tier List, the heroes are classified into five tiers; S, A, B, and C. When we say S-Tier heroes, these avengers are known to be the overpowered ones while the D-Tier characters are the weak ones. Take note that this tier list sums up the heroes regardless of faction. So here is the X-Hero Idle Avengers Tier List;

S-Tier Heroes – The Most Powerful Avengers

If you’re looking for the most formidable heroes to use in X-Hero Idle Avengers, then you must focus on achieving characters under this tier more. Using heroes under this tier can enable you to defeat your opponents quickly. However, summoning these heroes is quite challenging, unless you’ve got them on special events. Here are the overpowered heroes in X-Hero Idle Avengers along with their classes;

  • Thinker Michelangelo – Warrior
  • Succuba Anna – Mage
  • Storm Falcon Lara – Ranger
  • Mecha Rex – Warrior
  • Light Light – Warrior
  • God of Sky Zeus – Mage
  • Galaxy Galaxy – Mage
  • Electric Arc Indira – Mage
  • Cyber Ronin Musashi – Raider
  • Battlefield Angel Aphra – Support



A-Tier Heroes – The Strong Alternatives

As mentioned above, summoning S-Tier heroes is quite difficult but you can’t stop playing the game just because you lack S-Tier heroes. Therefore, looking for alternatives is the best option, such as composing your team with the A-Tier heroes. Like the overpowered characters above, you can depend on the skills and abilities of the A-Tier characters. Here are A-Tier heroes in X-Hero Idle Avengers;

  • Samurai Girl Toko – Raider
  • Orochi Orochi – Ranger
  • King of Hell Satan – Raider
  • Fury Wave Pierre – Raider
  • Forest Avatar Epeius – Ranger


X Hero Idle Avengers Satan


B-Tier Heroes – The Decent Choices

If you can’t complete your team of heroes with S or A-Tier heroes, you can alternatively set your team for the meantime using B-Tier heroes. Though these heroes are not as powerful as the ones above, they are still dependable on a few points. However, it is highly recommended to replace your current B-Tier heroes with higher-type heroes once they become available. Here are the B-Tier heroes;

  • Unlucky Aborigine Gonibal – Warrior
  • Universe Sage Einstein – Support
  • Time Time – Support
  • Space Kong Camp – Support
  • Saint St.Matthew – Support
  • Mother of Swarms Sally – Ranger
  • Medusa Medusa – Mage
  • Lady Ivy Eve – Mage
  • Goddess of Ocean Poseidon – Mage
  • God of Egypt Anubis – Warrior
  • General of Rescue Tchaikovsky – Warrior
  • Faith Faith – Mage
  • Combat Type Cui Pan – Support
  • Blaze Centaur Rockefeller – Warrior



C-Tier Heroes – The Weak Avengers

If S-Tier heroes are the most powerful avengers in X-Hero Idle Avengers, the C-Tier heroes are acclaimed to be ordinary or common heroes. Though you can still utilize them in your battles, it is highly recommended to replace them quickly, especially when you’re dealing with stronger opponents. Here are the character under the C-Tier;

  • T-2080 T-2020 – Ranger
  • Master Programe Alice – Mage
  • Mask Man Gascoll – Warrior
  • Lady Icy Jane – Mage
  • God of Love Cupid – Support
  • Entropy Entropy – Warrior
  • Desperate Crow Claire – Mage
  • Cheetah Runner Sophia – Warrior
  • Bullfight Iselow – Warrior
  • Breah Hero Flore – Support
  • Aurora Blade Tess – Mage
  • Abyss Titan Krooge – Warrior
  • Storm Walker Luck – Mage
  • Nine-tail Idol Park Kyulee – Mage
  • Nightmare Flame Eddie – Ranger
  • Evolver Silas – Raider
  • Evil Bot Domeron – Warrior
  • Dimension Runner Houston – Ranger
  • Devil Hunter Van Helsing – Mage
  • Catastrophe Behemoth – Warrior


X Hero Idle Avengers Eddie


Don’t Miss Using the X-Hero Idle Avengers Tier List

And, that’s the end of our X-Hero Idle Avengers tier list. Generally, there are loads of heroes available in the game, but in this list, we focus more on avengers that can withstand you effectively in your battles. So we hope that this tier list helped you out with which hero you must invest in.

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