Why Zoom Is the Best App to Use for Virtual Meetings?

Posted on May 21, 2021
zoom best app for virtual meetings

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought so many changes in everyone’s lives. One aspect that has been affected by the pandemic is work. Today, most offices are vacated and people are working from home. Due to health implementations, the government has restricted people to go outside their homes and gather in closed spaces to prevent the spread of the virus. That is why a lot of people nowadays utilize video conferencing apps for meetings. One popular app that people used today is Zoom Cloud Meetings.

Zoom may be initially released in 2012 but ever since the pandemic, it became a widely used app for remote meetings and video conferences. It’s so popular that Zoom has even become synonymous with online meetings, and it’s mainly due to varied reasons. Read on to know why Zoom is a popular video conferencing app today.

1. Video & Audio Resolution Is Impressive

Unlike other video conferencing apps, Zoom offers much clearer graphics and crisper audio. If you’ve used a high-quality webcam or microphone, then the quality of the media itself is very natural, as if you’re directly speaking to the person. And that’s what most people love about this video conferencing app. As long as the Internet connection is good, then you can talk and meet with people without any interruption.


Zoom meeting via phone


2. Accessibility

One of the very reasons why a lot of people have loved Zoom is its accessibility. Whether you’re on your PC or your phone, you can join the meeting anytime, anywhere. All you need to do is to send them an invitation link, and it will prompt users to launch the app and join the meeting directly. For those who don’t have Zoom on their PC, you can still join the meeting through your browser.

3. Security

At one point during the pandemic, a lot of users are complaining about the app’s security features. One of these issues includes the “Zoombombing” phenomenon, where a random person joins a meeting and shows porn or shock videos. However, there’s nothing to worry about now as the people behind Zoom are currently improving their security features. These features include host permissions and room passcode.


Zoom online class

Image Source: Online Zoom class from El Molino Math YouTube Channel


4. Advanced Features for Webinars

Another reason why Zoom is best used for webinars is that it comes with an array of features that make webinars more seamless and beneficial to both the host and listeners. Firstly, you can hold meetings and conferences for up to 100 guests, which is great for major events. Second, auto-generated transcripts are present for viewers to be able to understand clearly. Third, analytics are readily available for hosts to know the number of attendees and engagement from the meeting. Fourth, hosts can also live broadcast Zoom meetings on YouTube and other social media platforms like Facebook.

There’s still a whole lot of features that Zoom provides for hosts. One is the host control, where they can mute or unmute guests and share their screens. It also has a feature where hosts can put up Q&A and polls for listeners to participate. Lastly, instant messaging is also available between presenters and attendees.

5. Features That Make Meetings More Immersive

Zoom still has a lot to offer other than its high-quality video and audio. First is the scheduling, where people can schedule meetings from the Zoom app and integrate directly to calendar apps like Google and Microsoft. Other than that, Zoom also comes with a virtual background feature so you can conceal messy backgrounds during meetings. You can also try filters and touch-up functionalities to make video meetings fun and entertaining.

Zoom still has a lot of features to offer. But two things are for sure about it – it’s multifunctional and multi-beneficial, making video meetings more convenient and seamless.

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