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Eyes the Horror Game - Your Escape Journey in the Haunted Mansion

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Eyes Horror & Coop Multiplayer


Category: Adventure


Eyes Horror & Coop Multiplayer is a free multiplayer horror game that will take your survival skills to the test like never before. You break into a mansion at night, which is huge and built like a maze, and your main goal is to escape from it. However, a terrifying monster is after you, and the chase begins.

Published by FearlessGames, Eyes the Horror game will give you heart-thumping terror as you explore the decaying rooms in search of riches. You’ll hear eerie wails and experience flickering lights, books rattling on shelves, and a scary TV bursts into static. Survival is in your hands, so avoiding playing alone in the dark is crucial.

Eyes the Horror Game – Play in Multiplayer Mode

Experience terror with fellow adventurers in the Eyes: Horror & Coop Multiplayer game, featuring multiple scary monsters and beasts to encounter. You can even customize your own demon with unique visuals and audio. Experience new levels like an old haunted house, an abandoned hospital, and a desolate school, with more constantly added. Play with friends in multiplayer mode to avoid facing the terrors alone.

Working together, you and your team must communicate effectively and move quickly to evade the spirits and gather the bags of money scattered throughout the building. But take note – the ghosts are unpredictable and deadly, and they won’t hesitate to pick you off individually.

Use Mystical Eye Runes & Hand Drawn Map

Immerse yourself in a unique horror experience with Eyes the Horror Game. Utilize mystical Eye runes to survive the monster’s grudge and plan your next move with a hand-drawn map. Compete with other players on global leaderboards and endure multiple modes featuring tense gameplay and unexpected jump scares. Get ready for a chilling atmosphere in this perfect horror and thriller game.

As you explore deeper into the building of this eyes horror game, you’ll uncover the dark history at the heart of the haunting. The eyes on the walls will reveal hidden secrets, and the ghosts themselves may hold clues to the building’s tragic past.

With its unique blend of cooperative gameplay and terrifying horror, Eyes: Horror & Coop Multiplayer is a must-play for fans of scary eye games and pulse-pounding multiplayer action. Gather your friends, turn off the lights, and prepare to be terrified.

Petrifying Scary Eye Game Features

  • Infiltrate a maze-like mansion
  • While being pursued by a monster, flee the mansion to safety
  • Experience a creepy ambiance with flickering lights and terrifying noises
  • Play with friends in multiplayer mode
  • Select from several frightening monsters or design your own
  • Uncover and gain access to diverse levels
  • Utilize Mystical Eye runes to view the monster’s distorted perspective
  • Strategize your next move by examining a hand-drawn map.
  • Compete in multiple game modes on global leaderboards.

Are you looking for a heart-stopping horror game that will push you to your limits? Download the Eyes The Horror Game on your PC. Experience the terror of a labyrinthine mansion and a relentless monster that’s always on your tail.

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