It’s not a gacha life game nor is it a yandere simulator. SAKURA School Simulator is an RPG with a twist. It’s a game where you get to be a shonen anime character living daily high school life! Save the town from the evil yakuza, become big or small, or even fall in love with your high school crush. Anything is possible in SAKURA School Simulator for PC! Download this school simulator game here at EmulatorPC.

First Person Shonen

As you begin, you get to choose whether to be a handsome anime boy or a cute moe girl. You also have the option to customize your looks too. Of course, you may unlock more cosmetic items as you keep on playing the game. Once you start SAKURA School Simulator PC, you can do whatever you like. Just keep in mind that you should always go to school every weekday. But, outside of school, evil lurks at every corner. You play a pivotal role in the town as the unsung hero.

Fight against vicious bad guys in whatever playstyle you want. You may choose to fight using weapons or bare hands. But, even if you do not want to fight, you can do other things that a normal girl does. These include working part-time, hanging out with friends, doing homework, or just strolling around town. After all, you can do whatever you like since this simulation game’s free roam mode offers tons of activities.

Roam Free in a Small Town

SAKURA School Simulator by Garusoft Development Inc. takes heavy inspiration from the controversial Yandere Simulator. However, this SAKURA Simulator game is more open-ended with more activities to do. You don’t just go to school and focus on your crush, you can always do other things as well. There is really no end goal here, too, since you make your own story.

How to Play SAKURA School Simulator

Once you download the SAKURA Simulator game, you can freely do whatever you like as you start. Yes, you can customize everything else besides your character. You can create a story, generate bad guys on the street, or even customize every student at school.

Controls may take some time to get used to, though, since the layout is not optimized for both PC and mobile.

Exciting Game Features to Enjoy

  • Open sandbox gameplay
  • Customize your character and NPCs
  • Generate enemies at any time
  • Lots of outfits to unlock
  • Non-linear playthroughs

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