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Great Conqueror: Rome War Game - The Rise of Rome’s Commander

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Great Conqueror Rome On Pc

Great Conqueror: Rome War Game

Developer: EasyTech

Category: Strategy


In Great Conqueror: Rome by EasyTech, players step into the sandals of a Roman commander amidst a turbulent era of expansion and conquest. As the Roman Republic marches forward, powerful adversaries stand in opposition, setting the stage for inevitable conflict. With war looming on the horizon, Rome calls upon talented warriors, including legendary figures like Caesar, Pompey, Antony, and Spartacus, to lead its legions to victory. Players witness the dawn of a great conqueror as they navigate through pivotal moments in Roman history.

Empire Building as The Great Conqueror

In Campaign Mode, players embark on a journey through hundreds of historical battles and locations, spanning the breadth of Roman influence across Africa, Europe, and Asia. From the Punic Wars to Caesar’s Civil War and beyond, players take command, overseeing the development of cities, the recruitment of soldiers, and the construction of formidable fleets. The mode offers the flexibility to change sides, aiding Rome’s adversaries in rewriting the annals of history. Through research and technological advancements, players unlock new strategies and possibilities to propel Rome’s expansion.

Conquest Mode extends the narrative, presenting a broader canvas where Rome vies for supremacy against rival powers like Egypt, Carthage, and the Germanic tribes. Across centuries of history, players navigate diplomatic complexities, forging alliances or declaring wars in pursuit of Rome’s interests. With cities to expand, legions to recruit, and technologies to master, players shape the destiny of nations, commanding armies across the ancient world to unparalleled heights of greatness.

Mastering Strategy to Conquer Lands & Politics

Expedition Mode introduces a fresh challenge, testing players’ strategic prowess with limited resources against formidable foreign adversaries. Each step of the expedition poses unique difficulties, demanding adaptive tactics and careful planning to emerge victorious. As players conquer new territories, they collect prestigious war trophies and unlock special conqueror uniforms, showcasing their triumphs on the battlefield.

Finally, in the Senate, players engage in the intricate politics of Rome, undertaking tasks set by the Senate to earn rich rewards. Through training and equipping infantry, cavalry, archers, and the navy, players enhance their forces’ capabilities for battle. With the construction of iconic landmarks like the Arc de Triomphe and the Colosseum, players restore the glory of Rome while nurturing the talents of their generals with battle flags and treasures.

Great Conqueror: Rome War Game Features

  • Lead Rome through pivotal moments in history
  • Command legendary generals in epic battles
  • Build cities, recruit soldiers, and manufacture war equipment
  • Choose sides or oppose Rome’s expansion
  • Research new technologies for strategic advantages
  • Experience centuries of history in Conquest Mode
  • Forge alliances or declare wars for dominance
  • Test tactical skills in Expedition Mode
  • Collect trophies and unlock special uniforms
  • Complete Senate tasks for rewards and glory

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