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European War 7 Medieval - Rediscover the Epic Battles of Europe

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European War 7 Medieval On Pc

European War 7: Medieval

Developer: EasyTech

Category: Strategy


In times of turmoil, greatness beckons the brave. Warriors rise up to be heroes and warlords become generals. But those whose exploits are far greater than greatness could ever measure are forever etched in the annals of history, and a few become legends. Now, let us revisit the epic battles that set the stage for such exploits. Ultimately, relive the conquests that shaped the vast lands of Europe in European War 7 Medieval.

European War 7 Medieval – An Epic War Strategy Game Based on Real European History

European War 7 Medieval is a turn-based war strategy game developed by EasyTech, a game publisher known for developing war strategy games. However, this game is quite unique compared to other games in this genre. That’s because European War 7 Medieval is based on real historical events that shaped the current geopolitical landscape of Europe. As such, it’s a tribute to the heroes and generals who fought and bled in Europe’s greatest battles. Therefore, both gamers and history buffs alike will surely love this game.

Experience Historical Battles in Conquest & Campaign Modes

European War 7 Medieval lets you play in Conquest and Campaign Modes. In Conquest, you are allowed to invade and conquer the whole continent of Europe. You can do this using various tactics and strategies. Therefore, you can wage war, make a truce, or offer an alliance. Either way, you can do whatever you want in order to rule the whole continent. Moreover, you can do this in the Barbarian Invasion, Legend of the Vikings, and Rise of Byzantium.

In Campaign mode, you will be reliving the epic battles that occurred throughout the history of Europe. Given that these battles are based on historical events, the Campaign mode is definitely a fun way to learn about European history. So, get ready to experience the battles that forged what we currently know as Europe. Download this strategy game on PC and experience history unfold.

Game Features

  • Based on historical events and battles – the First and Second Sack of Rome, Battle of Carthage, Siege of Jerusalem, and more
  • Play in 14 chapters and over 120 epic campaigns
  • Battle with over 10 countries and 300 military forces
  • Command with over 150 larger than life generals – Genghis Khan, Salahadin, Richard I, William Wallace, Joan of Arc, and more
  • Use over 30 war gears and 60 classic military equipment from your arsenal
  • Command more than 30 historical warriors – Knights Templar, Knights Hospitaller, Teutonic Knights, and more
  • Discover the legendary treasures of Pharaoh, Solomon, John Lackland, and the Knights Templar

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