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I’m The Master Of 3 Cute Maids - Show Your Worth as Their Master

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3 Cute Maids On Pc

I’m The Master of 3 Cute Maids

Developer: Genius Studio Japan Inc.

Category: Simulation


A fun and exciting interactive novel you can play is I’m The Master Of 3 Cute Maids. It’s a simulation game published by Genius Studios Japan Inc. You play as an unending job hopper who doesn’t seem to have any future at all. And just when you think you’re already out of options after your recent firing, an encounter with an old man and his maids will change your life.

It’s an interesting game with anime-like graphics and a compelling storyline. Let us discuss further what this story is and how you will play this fun simulation game.

Make Choices & Decide How Your Story Progresses

Though the game already has a storyline to follow, you do have an influence on how that story plays out. As mentioned earlier, you play a character who can’t seem to hold onto a job. But as you’re thinking of what to do next after your latest firing an old man screamed for help in an alley. And as you came to his rescue, he was so grateful that he invited you to his mansion for dinner.

And before you know it, he is offering to be the owner of the big mansion along with the three cute maids who serve there. However, you still have to prove yourself to the maids first. It’s an interesting storyline and the way you’ll influence its direction is in the choices you make. You will encounter many scenarios where you need to make decisions and it will affect the direction the story will go into. It’s a fun experience and lets you live out this awesome interactive graphic novel.

Getting Started with I’m The Master Of 3 Cute Maids

It’s not hard to play this simulation game. Most of the time you’ll just click and read through the story of the game. And as you play, some scenes will present you with two options to choose from. Whatever option you pick will have an impact on the game’s story. It might not change the entire plot, but expect it to affect certain relationships you have with the characters. Just make sure you pay attention to the details of the story.

It will help you make decisions. You should also remember what you picked last time, especially if you want the story to lean toward a certain direction. A big part of the plot will be building relationships with the three maids. It will be affected by the choices you make during your interaction with them. An awesome game that you’ll surely love playing.

Simulation Novel Game Features

  • Unique and interesting characters that you’ll meet and interact with
  • A compelling storyline that will keep you engaged
  • Decide on the direction you want the story to go into
  • Different endings based on the choices you make

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