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100 Years Love with a Vampire - Explore the Love Stories from a Letter

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100 Years Love With Vampire On Pc

100 Years Love with a Vampire

Developer: Lady Wizard

Category: Simulation


Otome games have been here for a long time introducing us to their romantic fictional world. With most of them having vampire characters within their story. But if you want to experience an immersive game, try playing 100 Years Love with a Vampire. This simulation game will show you an interesting Otome storyline that you will surely love. It is suitable for you if you love acceptance as a part of the overall story.

Help Sakura Explore the Secrets of the Jewelry Box

100 Years Love with a Vampire is a simulation game published by Lady Wizard. This game features a unique Otome story about a funny vampire trapped in a jewelry box. The story starts with Sakura mourning the death of her grandmother. It is just days after her funeral and as the main character, she is about to tidy up her things. As she did some cleaning around the room, she found a beautiful jewelry box.

Curious, she peeked into its sides as if she were curious why on earth this box is there. She finds a letter and without any sign, her fingers cut through a splinter. Then, a drop of blood went into the letter. Little did she know, a little vampire will come out to tell her a story.

Clue About the Spoilers

100 Years Love with a Vampire offers a text-based gameplay experience just like other Otome games. But, it does not just give away the storyline for you to choose what’s next. Instead, the game provides you an option to continue the story by feeding the vampire with tomatoes. This enables you to continue the course of the story and choose the storyline that you prefer. Every choice determines the ending of a story that you want to see. If you are creative enough to reveal what’s next, choose the storyline that matches your liking.

100 Years Love with a Vampire game comes with long storylines. If you get easily bored reading, this will require you to be explorative. The game has a resemblance to Otome games and in some parts, detective games. It does not just rest on the Otome side where romantic stories are at play. It also allows you to explore the different sequences of stories in a text-based manner. This makes the game suitable for those readers of fiction who want more twists. Enjoy the combination of Otome and fun while playing this simulation game.

100 Years Love with a Vampire Exciting Features

  • An interactive text-based gameplay experience
  • Enjoy an anime-inspired player interface
  • Choose from different choices of storylines
  • Suitable for those fiction and Otome readers
  • Stunning yet simple pinkish game graphics

Now immerse yourself in a text-based game and experience the stories to your liking. If you want to experience simulation games from another angle, find them here in EmulatorPC. Also, check out Aquarium Land and Ikemen Vampire Otome Games.

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