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Mimpi - Explore a Magical Land of Dreams To Find Your Missing Master

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Mimpi On Pc


Developer: Dreadlocks Mobile

Category: Action


Have you heard of the game Mimpi Dreams? Regardless, do you want to go exploring inside a dog’s dream? Are you curious about what transpires inside our beloved pet’s land of dreams? Now you can answer your questions and satisfy your curiosity. Download the Mimpi online game to play it on your PC and explore a magical land of reverie.

What Dreams Will Unfold Inside Mimpi’s Head?

As previously stated, this game is the prequel to the popular casual game called Mimpi Dreams. Developed and published by Dreadlocks Mobile, this platforming marvel boasts awesome graphics and cool background music. Take an epic journey inside a cute dog’s dreamland as it sets out to find its lost owner.

Explore strange new worlds packed with puzzles and tons of bewildering components. Mimpi for PC features a deep narrative spread out in chapters across 8 diverse world map settings. Starring Mimpi, a lazy dog who transforms into a super-dog in his dreams.

Your main objective is to help him navigate through the dangers in his dreamland. This Mimpi game is like a psychedelic representation of what a dreamland is like up close. So you will not only be enthralled by the storyline but also be feasting your senses on Mimpi’s 2.5D graphics.

Move Mimpi Across Worlds By Solving New Puzzles

As the game sets out on his adventure across 8 astonishing worlds, there are puzzles and enemies you need to defeat. The plot unfolds on its own as Mimpi goes from one world to the next. Unleash the innocent child within you as you progress in the story. Mimpi online does not contain sultry factors so it can be played even by kids.

Mimpi offers intuitive control settings and other exciting elements that will keep you hooked on the game for hours. Discover 24 short comics, all of which have unique stories to tell. Of course, show off your creativity by dressing Mimpi in various skins available in the game. Collect lightbulbs to quickly unstuck Mimpi or gather hints to solve complicated problems.

Mimpi Adventure Game Features

  • Traverse 8 world maps with unique elements
  • Flaunt your style with various skins
  • Intricately designed 2.5D graphics and cool effects
  • Immersive narrative with child-friendly content
  • Unlock short comics and valuable hints for rewards
  • Meet fantastic creatures along the way

Mimpi is a casual game full of mind-twisting puzzles and elements. For more excitement, there are tons of action games you will find here in EmulatorPC! You should check out Bomber Online and Donut Punks: Online Epic Brawl today!

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