My Talking Angela - Your Fun & Exciting Journey With an Adorable Cat

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My Talking Angela

Developer: Outfit7 Limited

Category: Simulation


Are you a feline lover and wish to pet one someday? Then, now’s your chance to experience raising a cat by playing My Talking Angela. In this game, you’ll get a chance to play a virtual pet care game where you’re tasked to care for a cat while participating in various events with her.

Published by Outfit7 Limited, My Talking Angela is a fun and exciting simulation game with very easy gameplay and mechanics. With its impressive aspects, you’ll definitely enjoy playing this pet care simulation game.

My Talking Angela Download for PC – Taking Care of the Adorable Cat

Once you download My Talking Angela for PC, you’ll witness a breathtaking world that you’ll surely love. Once the trolley is brought in, the charming beautiful cat will appear right in front of you. If you’re not familiar with Angela, she’s a white adorable cat who wishes to be cared for by you.

In My Talking Angela, the gameplay and its mechanics are truly easy to understand and even a small kid can recognize it. All you have to do is do loads of clicking and navigate colorful symbols that fit with the cat’s needs. To accurately know what Angela wants, you’ll base on the mood indicators on your game screen.

Parenting My Talking Angela

In the My Talking Angela game, your main task is to take good care of Angela. You’ll be in charge of her food, bath, and even the dress you want her to wear. In this game, you’ll track the wonderful development of a little cat and witness her growth. Take note that Angela has various traits that you must also focus on. She is smart, joyful, and sometimes emotional. You’ll definitely notice her if she’s happy or sad.

As you play My Talking Angela, you can feed her with food like you’ve used to eat like fresh milk, biscuits, lollipops, and even a hamburger. As you progress in the game, you need to opt for more types of food using your gold.

Aside from food, it’s also your task to make Angela happy by playing with her. There are loads of available mini-games you can play with Angela and if you see her happy, the happy points will rack up. Through playing mini-games, you can get a chance to earn gold coins that you can use to buy more stylish clothes and beautiful decorations for Angela’s house.

Another thing that you need to do with Angela is to ensure that she’s always clean by bathing and brushing her teeth regularly. After bathing Angela, you’ll be rewarded with a gold coin and level-up as well. Lastly, like humans, Anglea also needs to rest. Once the moods say that she’s already sleepy, let her sleep and stop playing or talking with her. Access the bedroom and turn off the lights. Once Angela reached her energy, you can let her play, eat, and dress up again.

Exciting Features Worth Checking Out

  • A fun simulation game
  • Easy gameplay and excellent graphics
  • Interact and pet the adorable white cat
  • Feed, play, dress up, bath, and raise the cat
  • Track her development
  • Earn gold coins to buy more stylish clothes and other stuff
  • Navigate the mood indicators of Angela

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