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World Cup Penalty Free Full Version

Penalty World Cup – Qatar 2022

Developer: Play365

Category: Sports


Are you prepared to feel the excitement of the Penalty Shootout Soccer Games World Cup? Play365 has created the perfect game for soccer enthusiasts with their latest release, Penalty World Cup. Test your mental agility and finger speed as you fine-tune your aim and try to beat your rivals.

Ultimate Soccer Penalty Shootout Game

In this penalty shootout soccer games World Cup, your primary objective is to score points by hitting penalties or free kicks from different distances. With four different game modes, you can test your skills in various scenarios, but the goal remains the same: scoring as many goals as possible. The Soccer Penalty Shootout game has different modes, including direct shots where the only obstacle is the goalie. Players have ten opportunities to earn the maximum points. Failing to score reduces chances until they reach zero.

During the foul round, you need to demonstrate your aiming skills and find a way to create a gap where there is none. Scoring points requires getting past the defense and successfully shooting the ball into the goal. In the Time Attack mode, you have one minute to hit the bullseye as many times as possible. To achieve the maximum points, it is necessary to hit the center of the target. This becomes a significant challenge when the goalie has excellent reflexes.

The last game mode features an additional target, giving you two options to score points instead of just one. Hitting the smallest target earns you additional benefits. The Penalty World Cup game also has different power-ups that you can use to gain an advantage on the field. You can compete globally with other users who play all available game modes and earn a spot on the world ranking.

How to Win in Penalty World Cup

To win in the game, players need to practice their aim and timing when taking penalty shots or free kicks. It’s essential to aim for the goal’s corners or high and low areas since the goalie will typically try to block shots down the middle. In the game’s various modes, players can score points by hitting different targets or scoring as many goals as possible within a specific time frame. The soccer game offers power-ups that can benefit players, like the Wall power-up that shields their goal from the opponent’s shots.

With practice and careful aim, players can become penalty shootout champions and climb the game’s world ranking. If you love soccer games and the World Cup penalty shootout, then you’ll enjoy Penalty World Cup.

Awesome Features of Penalty World Cup

  • Multiple game modes to choose from
  • Many different teams to pick and use
  • Power-ups to use like extra power, extra curve, and score multiplier
  • Intuitive gameplay that makes it easy to understand and play
  • Great graphics for an immersive playing experience
  • This simple soccer game is suitable for players of all skill levels

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