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Tamadog – Puppy Pet Dog Games

Developer: Etalon Ltd

Category: Simulation


Tamadog – Puppy Pet Dog Games, created by Etalon Ltd, provides an engaging and enjoyable venture into the realm of virtual pet simulation. In this realistic dog life simulator, players get the chance to own and care for an adorable puppy. Your mission is simple: raise a happy dog by feeding, cleaning, and playing with it in the vibrant setting of Dog Town.

Capture Moments of Your Furry Friend in Tamadog

The game’s standout feature is the ability to capture amusing moments with your furry companion through selfies, allowing you to share these precious memories with friends. Dressing up your Tamadog in stylish outfits adds a personalized touch to your virtual pet.

Tamadog also presents a diverse range of entertaining mini-games, each offering a chance to unlock new levels. As you advance, you have the opportunity to teach your virtual pet using voice prompts, turning it into an intelligent and friendly companion. These tricks and commands bring an interactive element to the gameplay, enhancing the bond between you and your virtual puppy.

The game’s realistic puppy games ensure your pet’s happiness and health, mirroring the responsibilities of real pet ownership. And for those moments when your Tamadog is resting, challenge yourself with the engaging mini-games on offer.

Enjoy Different Modes & Explore Dog Town

Tamadog’s world is not limited to the screen; thanks to the AR mode, your virtual puppy comes to life within your own home. This feature creates a more immersive and lifelike experience, making your virtual pet feel truly tangible.

With Tamadog, you have the opportunity to explore the vibrant Dog Town, embarking on exciting adventures with your furry companion. It extends beyond being a mere game; it’s an expedition filled with joy and companionship alongside your virtual pet.

So, play Tamadog – Puppy Pet Dog Games today and experience the joy of owning a virtual pet dog. Care for your Tamadog, engage in mini-games and create lasting memories together. If you’re a fan of virtual pet simulations, this game is a must-try, offering everything from realistic puppy care to interactive features like selfies and voice commands.

Tamadog Game Features

  • Realistic dog life simulation
  • Vibrant Dog Town setting
  • Dress up your Tamadog
  • Engage in entertaining mini-games
  • Unlock new levels
  • Capture selfies with your virtual pet
  • Share memories with friends
  • AR mode for lifelike interaction

Experience the ultimate joy of virtual pet ownership with Tamadog – Puppy Pet Dog Games on EmulatorPC! Download now to embark on a journey of care, fun, and companionship with your adorable virtual puppy. And if you’re a fan of virtual pet games, don’t forget to explore similar gems like Floof – My Pet House and My Virtual Pet Shop: Animals. It’s time to unleash the pet lover in you – click, play, and create unforgettable memories with your furry friend today!

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