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Taonga Island Adventure Farm – Grow Food & Rear Animals in your Farm

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Taonga Island Adventure: Farm

Developer: Volka Entertainment Limited

Category: Simulation


Relax on your picture-perfect tropical farm then get ready for thrilling adventures as you complete tasks and missions to acquire rewards. Take in the breathtaking scenery and enjoy the view. Meet people, find love, and raise animals. You will never be bored or left alone in this farming simulation game. Play Taonga Island Adventure: Farm!

Build Your Family Farm on an Island

In Taonga Island Adventure, players take on Samantha’s role, a beautiful woman who recently received an email from her long-lost uncle. It was 15 years ago when the adventurer vanished. Now is her chance to find out what really happened to her uncle. To accomplish this, she must join forces with the charming islanders to follow her Uncle Alan’s trail.

The Taonga Island experience is no average journey. Every day, players should explore, construct, sow, grow, reap, and discover something new on the island. This method will help in their in-game progression. Players take full charge of the greatest island farm video game along with its inhabitants. Rally, share your food, take care of your animals, gather the eggs laid by your chickens, seek assistance from friends in quests, and hunt for gems to trade for items.

Grow Food, Rear Animals & Reap what you Sow

You must work hard and accomplish a variety of objectives to progress forward in the game. Building new facilities and delivering new products produced on your farm are just a couple of examples of day-to-day activities.

Exploration in Taonga Island Adventure requires energy. You need to have a sufficient supply of energy if you want to survey the island. You plow through the thick vegetation to get rid of the fog. With the fog gone, you now have the chance to uncover what lies beneath it. Use this method whenever you see a fog in any of the surrounding islands. As mentioned earlier, energy is an important component in this game, which almost all of your activities will require.

You can increase your energy storage to play for longer periods. If you do not, you will have to stop playing the game once your energy runs out and wait until it replenishes itself. It will not seem very fulfilling to repeat this cycle, mainly because you can quickly use up all of your limited energy supplies in just a few touches. Once more take a break until energy is available, you will then return.

Explore these Fun Taonga Island Game Features

  • Manage a farm in the heart of a tropical island
  • Explore every nook and cranny for hidden treasures
  • Plant and grow food on your very own family farm
  • Meet interesting characters each with their own unique skills
  • Rear animals, complete quests and build the best family farm island

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