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If you’re the kind of player with a deep knowledge of words or is known to be keen on vocabulary, then you better test what you’ve got in Word Blitz. In this casual war of words, your ultimate goal is to find as many words as possible.

Published by Lotum one GmbH, Word Blitz is an exciting multiplayer word game where you’ll be playing against different opponents. You can try your vocabulary prowess against your family, friends, and even random players around the world.

Play Word Blitz – Find Words & Earn Points

Word Blitz is an action-packed game that depicts simple yet addictive gameplay. To play this game, you need to find different words from the board. It would be best if you connected the letters to form a word. Each word you’ve created corresponds to specific points.

You can form the words in five ways in this word game. You can connect adjacent letters in up, down, left, right, and even diagonal directions. Though forming words is easy, it doesn’t mean there’s no challenge in finding words. There will be a a timer, and the player who gets the highest score will win the game.

Become the Ultimate Player

As mentioned above, you can play against your family, friends, and even other players around the world. If you’re a competitive player in the Word Blitz game, you can test your lexicon skills by challenging millions of players worldwide. You can challenge various players across your country as well and see who is the best player that will represent your country.

The words are limitless in this game, and there are some instances where you’ll find new words that can add to your vocabulary. It also comes in 16 languages aside from English, making it accessible to various countries. Are you ready to show your worth as the best player? Download and play Word Blitz now!

Fun Word Blitz Game Features You Shouldn’t Miss

  • A fun yet challenging word game
  • Simple premise and vibrant graphics
  • Form words by connecting letters in four different ways
  • Play against your family, friends, or random player around the world
  • Find and discover various words
  • Works in 16 languages

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