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Word Swipe : Word Search

Developer: iGold Technologies

Category: Word


Are you a fan of games that allow you to test your sense of familiarity? Do you love to explore random letters to search and form a word? If you’re interested in both of these descriptions, then Word Swipe: Word Search is a suitable game for you. This word game tests your aptitude for identifying the given words. With that said, it’s suitable for those who love to test their word skill or just want to be a sleuth of words. So if you want to learn more about this word game, then you should continue reading.

Not Just About Swiping of Words

Published by iGold Technologies, Word Swipe is a word game that allows you to test your word skills. This does not mean that you have to craft a captivating sentence out of words. Instead, you have to test if you can find the corresponding words in random letters. Therefore, your task is to find the exact words that correspond to the given words and swipe them. Doing so will highlight the exact words that you have found. So you won’t have jet lag in front of random letters and mistakenly repeat the same word.

In Word Swipe, you can swipe the words in any particular order as long as they are the given words. Therefore, you can swipe them either diagonally, vertically, or horizontally. You will do the same process again and again on each level that becomes difficult as you advance. You just have to be attentive to each of the random letters and read them in all positions.

Play Word Swipe – Use Hints When Necessary

As you progress in Word Swipe, you will encounter a vast collection of letters in a grid-like order. Like other puzzle games, it’s easy to feel dizzy and disoriented from the game. To avoid this, you can swipe as many combinations of letters as you can. It’s highly advisable to do this to play the word game effectively. Given that it requires you to search for something, you have given the exact effort to find out.

However, there’s a feature that allows you to expedite your progress in Word Swipe. If you’re confused like mentioned, you can use hints to find the exact words. These hints will automatically deduct plenty of your currency points. To solve this, you just have to reserve the use of hints for particular words that are hard to find. So don’t waste them just because you got tired of looking.

Word Swipe Amazing Game Features

  • Addictive word puzzle gameplay
  • Swipe specific words that correspond to the given words
  • Coins that can be used in the game
  • Clear animations and adaptive graphics
  • Hints to find the hard-to-search words

Play Word Swipe on your PC today. If you’re interested in playing more word games, we have tons here in EmulatorPC. For more related games to play, you can try Word Connect – Word Search and Infinite Word Search Puzzles.

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