The 7 Best Sonic Games Every Fan Must Play

Posted on October 25, 2022
7 Best Sonic Games To Play

For over 35 years, the famous Sonic the Hedgehog has become part of the TV, blockbuster movies, comics, and even the gaming world. To sum it up, this iconic mascot has already starred in over 30 of the best Sonic games that range from classic to universal spin-offs. These games vary in terms of story, music, story, and gameplay that will surely catch your attention especially if you’re a passionate fan of the blue dude.

As mentioned above, there are many Sonic games available nowadays, and to help you figure out which Sonic game is worth having a spot on your device’s memory and playing for hours, let this top list of Sonic games help you decide.

What are the Best Sonic Games?

Here are the best sonic games you should not miss playing;

1. Sonic Forces – Running Battle

Starting off the list of best sonic games is Sonic Forces – Running Battle by SEGA. In this racing game, you are required to unleash your best running skills with your chosen Sonic characters. You can choose to play with Sonic or run with the other charming characters like Amy Rose, Shadow, Blaze, and many more.

While racing with your favorite Sonic characters, you need to be ready as there are loads of obstacles and enemies along the way. However, you still need to opt for important items and boosters while aiming for the finish line quickly. In every race you’ve conquered, you will be rewarded with in-game currency that you can use to buy boosters and amazing costumes for your character.



2. Sonic Dash

Another creation of SEGA got a spot on our list of best sonic games – Sonic Dash. In this fun action game, you are set to control the famous blue hedgehog along with his friend on a 3-lane running track. Take note that there are no end goals, especially if you’re playing the main mode. However, you need to collect loads of power rings that you can use to unlock new characters, new maps and even upgrade your own character.

If you think playing Sonic Dash is easy, well, you better think twice as the game is not all about collecting power rings. Collating these rings is also quite challenging as the naughty Dr. Robotnik will try his best to get all your hard-earned power rings. Will you let this mischievous character along will his schemes let your team down? You better prove your worth now.



3. Sonic the Hedgehog Classic

If you’re looking for a sonic game that can enable you to race at lightning speed with Sonic, then you should not miss playing Sonic the Hedgehog Classic by SEGA. In this action platformer, you’ll immerse in various tracks and collect rings. Aside from collecting rings, it is also your goal to beat the evil Mr. Eggman, together with your Sonic friends.

What’s more impressive about this sonic game is that you’ll witness all characters with their unique moves. Also, the games offered a remastered version where you’ll experience playing a pixel-based classic game that can make you feel nostalgic for hours.


4. Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom

Are you looking for an adventurous running game with Sonic? Well, you better fire up your device and download Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom. If you’re amazed by the first installment, which is Sonic Dash, you’ll surely enjoy playing this sequel more. Generally, this version manages to retain the game’s aesthetics and gameplay, but with more characters to play with. What is more amazing about this installment is that you can freely swap your runners while in the middle of the race.

In Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom, there is no such thing as an energy system, you can freely play all the time you want even without an internet connection. However, if you wish to play more competitively, you can go online and unleash your best skills by joining some events that let you earn extra rings, sprites, points, and more.


5. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Classic

When it comes to sonic games, your list will never be complete without SEGA’s Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Classic. It’s renowned as one of the best-selling games and the second version of the iconic Sonic the Hedgehog series. This action game opts for you to take control of Sonic the Hedgehog. As Sonic, your main mission is to collect all Chaos Emeralds and beat Doctor Robotnik.

Aside from Sonic the Hedgehog, you can also choose to play with other Sonic characters like Knuckles, Tails, and many more. There are loads of zones to take on that depict a unique environment and challenge as well. In each zone, you are expected to move fast, but still, you need to dodge various obstacles and defeat robots who wish to interfere in your way.

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6. Sonic the Hedgehog 4 EP. II

Are you up for something challenging? Well, unleash your best skills and help Sonic in his battle against Dr. Eggman and Metal Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog 4 EP. II is an action platformer where you are tasked to control Sonic and Tails. Your main objective is to stop the antagonists from their evil plans in creating another death egg.

To bring you closer to your goal, Sonic and Trails need to embark on their journey across the Little Planet. Your journey will not be as easy as you think as you’ll encounter loads of enemies and obstacles that affect your progress. There are five zones to traverse in the game and seven bosses that will test your abilities and Tails as well.

Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Ep. Ii


7. Sonic CD Classic

Last, but definitely not least, and completes our list of top sonic games that you shouldn’t miss playing is SEGA’s Sonic CD Classic. If you wish to feel like you’re playing in a typical video game machine, you must consider having this amazing game. In this game, your main goal is to save Amy Rose.

To reach your objective in Sonic CD Classic, you need to explore multiple zones and levels. Traversing these zones is not easy as they are loaded with obstacles, enemies, and even mighty bosses who will try to bring you down. While dealing with these challenges, don’t forget to collect rings as they serve as your lifeline in the game.

Sonic Cd Classic


Play the Best Sonic Games Now!

So, there you have it! We hope that this list helps you out find the best sonic games you must download on your device. Regardless of whether you’re an immense fan or not, these sonic games offer loads of fun. Furthermore, you’ll experience excitement that can captivate you for hours.

Do you find Sonic the Hedgehog as an amazing character? Get a chance to play with him and the rest of the gang with the games listed above. For more exciting Sonic games, feel free to explore what we have to offer here at EmulatorPC.

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