8 Best Witch Games Suitable For Magic & Witchcraft Lovers

Posted on November 13, 2022
9 Best Witch Games For Magic Lovers

Some of us may have moments where we dream of being a witch someday. Fortunately, you can become one by playing Witch Games. When talking about witches, you usually see these characters in fantasy games and are expected them to be wonderfully powerful. They are known to be the most promising mythical creatures in the fiction world.

Generally, there are loads of available witch games available in the pool of games nowadays. But, figuring out which titles suit the “best” group is quite difficult. To help you distinguish the best witch games to start with, let this list help you out.

What are the Best Witch Games?

Here are the finest Witch Games that can help you unleash your inner magical skills;

1. Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

Starting the list of the best witch games is Jam City’s Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. Prepare your wand for an exciting magical adventure with Harry Potter and the gang. Get a chance to explore the wonders of Hogwarts and experience one of the witches or wizards you’ve seen in the movie.

Like Harry Potter, you’ll first be sorted to the house you belong to by the sorting hat. Decorate your own room, and immerse yourself in your magical classes. Meet different characters derived from the movie and don’t forget to play the iconic Quidditch game. There are loads of stuff to do in this game and it’s for you how you’ll make your adventure more magical.



2. Revived Witch

Another exciting witch game that you shouldn’t miss playing is Yostar Limited’s Revived Witch. In this magical role-playing game, you are tasked to guide the witch with temporary amnesia to retrieve her lost memories. To make it possible, you need to immerse yourself in a dangerous dungeon filled with monsters.

To help the witch in her battle, you need to collect dolls who will defeat the monsters in turn-based battle mode. There are loads of dolls to summon, and it will be best to achieve the best ones to quickly advance in the game. Each doll in the game depicts its own faction, skills, and abilities. But, the real key to eradicating your opponents is to master the use of order and chaos energy.

Revived Witch Free Pc Download


3. Tales of Grimm

Another magical game that will unveil your inner witchcraft abilities is Tapplus’ Tales of Grimm. In this strategy game, you’ll get a chance to play iconic fairy tale characters like Cinderella, Snow White, and more. These characters will be set as part of your army in your battles.

Tales of Grimm is a 5v5 turn-based strategy battle. All you have to do is set your heroes, and let them fight automatically. To ensure your victory in this game, it will help if you’ll come up with a formidable squad that can overcome any challenges that can help you rack points to the rankings as well.

turn based strategy game


4. Switchcraft: Magical Match 3

If you’re fond of witch games and still want to play match-3 games, then Switchcraft: Magical Match 3 is for you. It’s a wonderful creation of Wooga that enables you to experience something unique and exciting. In this game, you’ll not only play the iconic match-3 game, but you’ll also embark on an exhilarating visual novel with a gripping storyline.

As you begin playing Switchcraft, you’ll first encounter a story, and at the end of each scene, you need to play match-3 games that will let you earn Magicka Crystal. You’ll be needing this resource to continue the story. What’s more exciting about this game is that your choices also matter, and your choices will head to the ending you want.

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5. Merge Magic!

Is your magic enough to unlock a curse? Then, prove your worth by playing Merge Magic. It’s a witch game that focuses more on puzzle solving. Your main goal is to remove the mysterious fog covered to the whole homeland. To do this, you need to do non-stop merges that can possibly free the magical creatures from the land.

In Merge Magic!, there are 500 objects you can merge in more than 80 mind-bending quests. You can merge flowers, eggs, and other magical things. Every successful combination you’ve achieved will open multiple entries in your diary. Try your best to unlock more and surpass all levels and transform the fog-filled land into something more amazing.

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6. Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells

Another witch game that will satisfy your Harry Potter fascination is Zynga’s Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells. In this magical game, you are expected to be the most intelligent witch or wizard in the world of Hogwarts. To prove your prowess in this game, you need to immerse in multiple match-3 puzzles and utilize the famous spells derived from the move itself.

These spells in Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells are recognized as power-ups and you can utilize them when you’re stuck at a certain level. What’s more impressive about this game is that it enables you to unlock some memorable moments derived from the movie itself. This feature is great news, especially if you’re a huge fan of this magical series.

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7. Candy Witch – Match 3 Puzzle Free Games

If you’re looking for a witch game that will let you play as a witch, then you must not miss having Candy Witch on your list. In this game, you’ll lend your helping hand to Arya the Witch and play match-3 games. If you’re familiar with how to play the iconic match-3 gameplay, you’ll surely figure out how to play this game.

To withstand or surpass the challenging levels, you need to opt for useful power-ups and boosters that can help you clear the level quickly. Aside from overcoming match-3 levels, Candy Witch also lets you save adorable felines around the candies and get wonderful stone status inside the ice cubes.

Candy Witch

Image Source: Candy Witch


8. Crafty Candy Blast – Match Fun

Last, but not least in our list of best witch games is Crafty Candy Blast. In this exhilarating candy-popping adventure game, you’ll be playing with the charming witches Candice and Trixie. If you’re familiar with how to play the usual match-3 games you know, you’ll surely quickly recognize how to play the game.

Like the standard match-3 games, Crafty Candy Blast also features valuable power-ups that can help you surpass challenging levels. To achieve power-ups, you need to match four or more similar candies from the board.

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Play the Best Witch Games Now!

Now that you have the list of best witch games, now’s the perfect moment to choose which title to play first. All of them are worth playing for us and depict magical yet addictive gameplay that can hook you for hours.

Is your PC ready enough to have these witch games? It must be and you can freely download them here. For more exciting games and updates, feel free to check them out here in EmulatorPC.

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