10 Best Text-Based Games to Play Right Now

Posted on October 27, 2022
Best Text Based Games To Play

Fiction is always a satisfying pastime and is a gem to its readers. If you are one of them, it could be possible that you wish once to immerse yourself in it. But that can happen despite having no virtual instruments to aid you.

Readers are known to have the ability to steer their imagination into the places inside their minds. Fortunately, some games will enable you to read and experience the sequence of the story. That is what we are going to discuss here in this article.

Majority of the games that we know feature immersive gameplay we love to experience. The gameplay shows you the game’s virtual environment and the rules to act within it. However, not all games are created equal, and some have other different gameplay elements.

The Uniqueness of Text-based Games

Text-based games are unique because they are suitable for those who love the unpredictability of fiction. These games do not only bring you the gameplay, but a whole story you will explore. It happens that these games, as you wish, and you will know each of them here.

Text-based games are any category that allows you to play the game through text. The content of each of the games differs in storylines with stages of choice. The choice is what makes you play the game interactively, like you are immersed in it.

That is not present in other games. EmulatorPC will let you play the best text-based games available on their platform. So grab your cup of coffee and explore each overview of these games. You can then download and play them later here if you like.

AI Dungeon

Latitude is the best when they created this text-based game. AI Dungeon is suitable for those who are creative in chatting on messaging platforms. But you are not talking to real people here. You are talking with the Artificial Intelligence that is into it.

The most exciting part of the game is you will be traversing a story. So be crafty in executing the most creative conversation and have fun playing this text-based game.

Ai Dungeon Songs To Banish Undead


Underworld Office: Visual Novel, Adventure Game

Are you fond of exploring mysteries and will not get tired of reading-related stories? Underworld Office: Visual Novel, Adventure Game can be the right one for you. You are lucky to know that this text-based game is also available in EmulatorPC.

It is published by Buff Studio (Story Games, Calm Games) and will introduce you to an interesting story. Like the first game mentioned, you will interact with the characters in a text-based manner. The catchy part of the game is it stimulates your curiosity with its soundtrack.

Underworld Office Game


Grim Quest – Old School RPG

Imagine playing an adventure RPG in a unique way. What we are saying here is immersing in a quest in a textual manner. That is a unique feature for a role-playing game published by Monomyth.

The game is suitable for those heavy readers who love to steer the story to their preference. If you are this type of player, you will enjoy playing the game that features the RPG quest.

Grim Quest Gameplay


I am Innocent

You will surely love this game if you are fond of playing detective games. Published by Twinaleblood, I am Innocent will surely delve into an investigative exploration of its storylines. The game brings you into a memory of a character whom you will play in the game.

The story starts after the disappearance of your sister many years ago. Many disappearances happen following that incident, and you must put justice on your terms. Because of that, you will traverse storylines to find the right one that leads to justice.

I Am Innocent



Love makes the world go round since you are in high school. Whatever definitions you will categorize your stance on love, you can relate to this game. It takes you to the story of a young male student named Mark Blythe.

It happens that he falls in love with a girl named Nicole Tyler. So because of that, your role in the game is to steer the story in the best possible direction. You have what it takes to be a virtual cupid, and you can do much more than that.

Seen Story Game


Mysterious Forum & 7 Rumors

When you are reading novels, you will find some mysteries related to your desires. Some of the desires are related to your curiosity about an interesting character. Luckily, Entabridge Co., Ltd. brings you a text-based game that reflects the descriptions we just said.

The game will allow you to enter the mystery that happened in a fictional high school. The has been a rumor that one photo is cursed and anyone who will have it will die. To prevent that, you have the responsibility to steer the story to the best choice of storylines. You will love this game as it will show you unpredictable twists you never expect.

Mysterious Forum And 7 Rumors


Impossible Quest

Impossible Quest is an adventure game published by Axel Sonic. The game will introduce you to an immersive experience full of twists and turns. You will be exploring the type of adventure based on textual exploration but still very exciting.

The most interesting part of the game is its funny approach to storytelling which makes it humorous. The game also allows you to explore other storylines, which you are free to choose while playing.

Impossible Quest Game


Duskwood – Story

Do you want to fancy yourself with a Sherlock level of detection? You can unleash that with this adventure RPG where you will find another type of Moriarty. Duskwood will bring you into a remote town called Duskwood where a mysterious crime takes place.

Your role in the game is to investigate the mystery by embarking on a textually rigid journey. You should choose the best storyline to solve the mystery, and you can do that in the game.



Lonewolf (17+) – A Sniper Story

This game is for you if you have a fascination with great assassins. Your role is to enter textual gameplay where you have to comply with every task. You have to be creative while playing Lonewolf as it will immerse you in an action you will love.

That will be exciting as you have to finish over 30 challenging jobs that involve assassin tasks. The game will provide you with the essential weapons to be good, and unleash your assassin skills.

Lonewolf 17 Gameplay


7Days!: Mystery Visual Novel

You will love this game If you are looking for an adventure that defines life and death. This adventure game will take you into an interactive story of a bargain. The main character, Kirell, needs to complete a series of tasks to get resurrected.

Your role in 7 Days!: Mystery Visual Novel is to play the main character which will elevate the excitement. You have what it takes to be a man who will do anything to be alive. Unleash your creative thinking skills to succeed in every stage of this game.

7days Gameplay On Pc


Bottom Line

Now that you know each of the games, try to play them on your PC. You can play these games with friends for a thrilling story-game moment. There’s more game collection to wait, so explore as much as you can! For more updates about them, stay tuned here in EmulatorPC.


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