AnimA ARPG Guide – Tips & Tricks To Become More Powerful

Posted on June 21, 2021

Role-playing games are always fun and entertaining to play. They usually provide great gameplay, compelling storylines, and lots of action. One great RPG that you can play right now is AnimA ARPG. It’s a role-playing action game that’s published by Redeev. What’s great about this RPG is that it’s an old-school hack and slash RPG, which will let you reminisce about the classic role-playing games before.

You start with selecting the type of character that you will use in the game. And then proceed to play, completing quests and missions, strengthening your character, and just progressing. Like old hack and slash games, your success in progressing further will depend greatly on how strong your character is. Your character’s strength is determined by its level, the equipment it wears, and the skills you’re equipping it with.

Getting more powerful here might seem simple and easy, and it is, at least in the beginning of AnimA ARPG. But as you progress further and deal with more powerful enemies, you find yourself wondering what you can do to get stronger quickly. Luckily, this blog post can help you with that. It’s an AnimA ARPG guide and will provide some tips and tricks to getting stronger.



Properly Allocate Your Points Whenever you Level Up

Whenever you level up in AnimA ARPG, you gain 5 points that you allocate for your stats. There’s Strength, Intellect, Dexterity, and Vitality. In terms of where you should allocate the points, it’s advisable to spread them across all stats. The main stat of your chosen character class will be getting the extra point. Behind this part is that you will come across many different gears in the game. Many of them are gears specific for other character classes.

In most cases, you won’t need to equip a bow if you’re a sorcerer or necromancer. But this doesn’t mean you won’t need to equip other gears. Each piece of equipment usually has a required stat for you to be able to equip it. And many times, you might come across rare and powerful equipment that can strengthen your character. This is true, even if that equipment is not designed for your particular character class.

So, you need to spread the allocation of points across the stats so you can easily equip whatever equipment you come across. But still, focus on the main stat for your character. If you’re a sorcerer or necromancer, that’s Intellect. Make sure you’re aware of the main stat of your chosen character, so you know how to allocate points.

Always Equip the Best Items Available

Another way to become stronger in AnimA ARPG is by equipping the strongest and best items available. As you kill monsters, explore dungeons, you will come across many different weapons and gear. Not all of them are equal, as some are stronger than others. The first order of business is to identify weapons and gear that are specific to your own class.

If there aren’t good ones available, then you can equip those that are for other classes. One way to know if a gear is good or not is through its colour. Blue gear usually means rare, so if you come across a blue gear, it’s always best to equip it. You should also check the stats for each gear. Some gear will have plenty of powers available, so see which ones can help you become stronger and more powerful.

Properly Allocate Skill Points

It’s also important that you properly allocate the skill points you gain as you level up in AnimA ARPG. Each character will have different skills available for you to unlock and equip. You must read each skill first. You need to know what they do and if it’s worth it to unlock and level them up. This will determine the kind of character you will be, so allocating points to the right skill are important.

Since many skills are locked until you reach a certain level, it might be wise to save some skill points. There are cases where it’s better to wait for certain skills to become available than to level up the ones that are already unlocked.


Anima ARPG game


Always Farm for Gold & Experience

But the best way to really get strong in AnimA ARPG is to always farm for gold and experience. This means going into dungeons and then killing monsters. This is the best way for you to get gold and experience. You can also get items this way, which you can sell for more gold. Yes, it will be a grind. But the rewards and the progress your character can make are worth it.

So, suppose you’re having a tough time progressing on a dungeon or location. In that case, you should try repeating dungeons you’ve completed before. You do this to gain experience to help you level and to get gold to purchase better equipment.


Overall, playing AnimA ARPG can be quite challenging when you first try it. But looking through all of the guides present in this post, you can surely find a way out to uncover all the things that you’ll be needing in the game. There are tons of other things that you can try to become more powerful in AnimA ARPG. But, of course, it always runs to the point of how you practice more of your skills in the game. If you’re ready to test out everything now, download the game on your PC!

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