Arcana Tactics Tier List – Ultimate Tier List Guide for Beginners & Pro

Posted on July 24, 2022
Arcana Tactics Tier List

When it comes to the fastest-growing unique strategy RPG, Arcana Tactics is an undeniable candidate. Published by Com2Us, this game provides you with an exciting and immersive virtual battle experience. But the drawback of playing this game is that it does not allow you to choose or control your heroes freely. Well, that is not a big deal, for it is designed to be that way. The only thing that you can control in the game is the Arcana cards.

Rerolling the Arcana Cards

If you are a new player of this game, it is highly recommended to reroll Arcana cards rather than heroes. The main reason is by rerolling the Arcana cards, you can avoid shelling out in-game currency.

Rather, you can explore other options like paid currency or Arcana summon tickets. You can easily get these options through the dev team, events, and log-in bonuses. Moreover, you will not get a 5-star hero by rerolling Arcana cards. However, you have a bigger chance to get a 5-star tarot card or Arcana through this approach.

How to Reroll Arcana Cards?

Rerolling Arcana cards is not that hard to do in this role-playing game. Talking about that, here are the steps on how to reroll them:

  1. The very first thing that you have to do is to complete the two chapters of the Campaign Mode. By doing this, you will unlock the Arcana function. After you unlock the function, you will see the Arcana Summon tutorial that gives you a free pull. You will then be allowed to choose one from two of the Arcana cards.

    Rerolling Arcana Cards


  3. Go to your in-game mailbox after you complete the tutorial and claim your Arcana ticket. You can then spend these tickets on Arcana gacha. Before doing that, you need to watch first the video before you spend the tickets. If you want to know which Arcana cards are worth rerolling, check out the reroll tier list later.
  4. After you obtain the top-tier Arcana cards, you should continue to play the game. If you don’t get the Arcana cards and want to start the game all over again, go to settings. Here, you can reset the game through the “Account Tab”.

Arcana Tactics Reroll Tier List of 2022

In this Arcana Tactics Reroll Tier List, you will find the top Arcana cards according to their ranks. They are the cards that are worth rerolling in the game. Right away, check out the following reroll tier list.

  • The Devil Arcana – Top Tier
  • Judgment Arcana – Top Tier
  • The World Arcana – Top Tier
  • The Fool Arcana – Top Tier
  • The Tower Arcana – Top Tier
  • Justice Arcana – Top Tier

The following mentioned above are the top six recommended Arcanas to reroll in the game. Each of them has its own unique abilities and specialties. If you still have no idea what they are known for, you have to check out the following list.

  • The Devil Arcana – Known to increase CRIT DMG
  • Judgment Arcana – Known to increase HP
  • The World Arcana – Know to increase ATK Speed
  • The Fool Arcana – Known to increase CRIT rate
  • The Tower Arcana – Known to increase the Physical Defense and Magical Defense
  • Justice Arcana – Known for dodging the basic attacks from the enemy

The best thing about the mentioned Arcanas is that they don’t just affect the particular class of heroes. Rather, they affect all the heroes in the game. However, if you don’t see these Arcanas worth your time for rerolling, then you can check out the following Arcanas.

  • Strength Arcana – Has the capability to increase the guard rate by 20/30/45% against basic hits for swordsmen in relation to the number of swordsmen (2/4/6).
  • Hermit Arcana – Has the capability to reduce the damage taken by heroes.

    Arcana Tactics Heroes


  • Wheel of Fortune Arcana – Has the capability to increase Physical attacks for archers by 30/40/80%.
  • The Star Arcana – Has the capability to increase the Physical and Magical attacks for backline heroes by 25%.
  • The Death Arcana – Has the capability of increasing the damage for monsters by 20%.

Arcana Tactics All Top-Ranked Heroes – Tier List

Overall, here is the Arcana Tactics Tier list of all top-ranked heroes that you have to check out:

  • Soul Bow – Tier 1
  • Trainer – Tier 1
  • Vampier – Tier 1
  • Warlords – Tier 1
  • Durendal – Tier 2
  • Archangel – Tier 2
  • Ifrit – Tier 2
  • Dragon – Tier 2
  • Elime – Tier 2
  • Knight – Tier 2
  • Bounty Hunter – Tier 2
  • Fist – Tier 2
  • Moonlight Knife – Tier 2
  • Dark Lord – Tier 3
  • Dark Wanderer – Tier 3
  • Swordmaster – Tier 3
  • Falcon – Tier 3
  • Wind Spirit – Tier 3
  • Puppet – Tier 3
  • Valkyrie Black – Tier 3
  • Goodhand – Tier 4
  • Hellbringer – Tier 4
  • Dream Painter – Tier 4

Play Arcana Tactics on PC

Now that you read this ultimate tier list guide, it’s now time to play Arcana Tactics on PC. Expect an immersive auto-battle RPG experience that is up to date with this Tier List. For further updates regarding this game, check them out here in EmulatorPC.


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