Archero Guide – A Comprehensive Guide to a Better Start

Posted on April 10, 2022
Archero Comprehensive Guide

Last 2019, Habby added to the roster of the most anticipated action games nowadays that will surely captivate your gamer’s instincts – the Archero. Though the game’s title is somehow related to archery, it doesn’t mean that this game is all about archery. Here, your main goal is to destroy every enemy along your way without being hit. You can achieve that with our Archero guide.

In Archero, you need to move your hero and avoid the projectiles of your opponent on various map levels while fighting back and beating them in order to progress to the succeeding levels. Here, you can immerse yourself in two game modes, the normal campaign and hard hero modes. However, to unlock the latter, you need to complete first the normal mode.

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Archero Guide – Basics & Strategic Progress

As mentioned above, your core point in playing Archero is to destroy or avoid all enemy monsters efficiently to proceed to the next level. As you advance into various levels, you’ll obtain various rewards that can help you improve your progress. Furthermore, Archero’s gameplay is very straightforward. All you need to do is shoot arrows in stationary mode and, at the same time, move to avoid being hit by the monsters. Though the game is simple, it is best to be quicker and more tactical to pass the levels successfully.

To understand more about the whereabouts of Archero, we’ve curated valuable tips and tricks that will surely help you progress in the game.

Archero Guide, General Tips, & Tricks You Shouldn’t Miss

This part will learn the essence of various equipment, gems, energy, and using promo codes. To broaden your experience in playing Archero, here are the tips and tricks you must not miss doing in playing this awesome action game.

Fully Charged Game Energy

You’ll need energy to battle in Archero, similar to some freemium games. Let’s say you wish to play in a campaign chapter, so you’ll need to spend five energies. However, take note that you’ll be given 20 energies. And the amount of energy you spend in a certain campaign can be fully maximized until you die in that campaign. To recover your energy, you need to wait 12 minutes to earn one energy, meaning you need to patiently wait for 4 hours to charge your energy and play more campaigns fully. Alternatively, you can also obtain some energies through loots or the in-game store.

Prepare Yourself for Challenging Chapters & Campaigns

Once you start playing, you’ll understand the 26 distinct campaigns. They are also known as “Chapters.” Like other games, each chapter depicts new sets of opponents, bosses, rewards, and loot. These chapters vary in difficulty level, some are suitable for newbies, and some will definitely make you sweat. Generally, there is no such thing as a specific way to pass the campaign because the stages are randomly deployed to each player. That means you’ll encounter different enemies and obstacles each time you take a campaign. The best thing to do is to be prepared and ensure that your heroes are well upgraded.

Archero Campaign


Understanding the Leveling System

There are three types of levels you must work on effectively in Archero; the hero, the chapter level, and lastly, the adventure level. To navigate your hero’s level, you need to go to the equipment screen and click the “Change Hero” option. Take note that there are loads of available heroes in Archero, and they are categorized according to tiers. Some are obtainable for free, and some cost money. Furthermore, each hero portrays a set of attack power and health points. Luckily, you can upgrade these attributes by enhancing their level.

Archero Leveling System

When it comes to campaigns, its level depends on your overall performance in each chapter stage. To increase the level of your campaign, you need to defeat loads of opponents in each stage to obtain gold coins. Once your campaign level is up, you’ll be given 3 RNG abilities for your attack, and you can only choose one in each level. On the other hand, to upgrade your Adventure level, you need to grind more on various chapters to gain more EXP. The EXP you’ve earned will be added to your adventure level, which can give you a way to upgrade your talent section.

Use Your In-Game Currency Strategically

The most common in-game currency in Archero is Gold Coins. You usually use this currency in upgrading your talents. Another in-game currency that you must strategically use is the Gems. These gems are often used in opening obsidian and golden chests. Moreover, you can use gems to buy strong hero characters and revive your hero if you die while on a campaign.

Archero In Game Currency

Another in-game currency you must not miss is the coupons. Unlike the mentioned in-game currencies, these coupons are only used for cosmetic purposes. If you want to enhance the appearance of your hero, you can gear them with costumes by spending coupons. Furthermore, there are times that these costumes can add additional stats and some required conditions to activate their effectiveness.

Don’t Miss the In-Game Freebies

As a freemium game, you’re expected to earn freebies in the form of in-game currency, items, equipment, or EXP. Usually, you get these freebies by logging in a day or completing daily quests or achievements.

Archero Freebies


Take on Normal & Hero Modes

As mentioned above, there are two modes for playing Archero. However, it doesn’t mean you can easily immerse yourself in hero mode. That’s because you still need to unlock it by accomplishing some levels and campaigns from the normal mode. For instance, the Hero mode is like a hard mode where you’ll be facing more challenging opponents. Also, there are loads of traps and obstacles at each level. Furthermore, don’t take this mode easy. That’s because the attack patterns and movements of the enemies are incredibly different from the normal modes.

So, there you have it! We hope that this Archero Guide helped you understand this awesome action game better. For more updates, information, tips, and tricks, stay in the loop here at EmulatorPC.

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