The Benefits Of Playing Online Action Games

Posted on July 30, 2021
Action Games Benefits

When it comes to video games, many people just consider them as a pastime or form of entertainment. And when you talk about action games, some people are even a bit apprehensive about it because of its violent nature. Games like Call of Duty Mobile or Suspects: Mystery Mansion does have violence in them since it involves killing and shooting people. This is why many people consider such games to be unfit for kids.

Though it is undeniable that action games do have violence in them, they’re not all that bad. In fact, online action games provide benefits for students, according to an article from Edutopia. The article states that there are many behavioral and neuroscientific pieces of evidence that show playing action games have benefits. Let’s discuss more in this blog post the kind of benefits that students can get from playing action games.

What’s Good About Playing Action Games?

One of the early studies about the benefits of action games came from Shawn Green, Alexandre Pouget, and Daphne Bavelier. In their study, action games improve the performance in an array of sensorial, perceptual, and attentional tasks. This means that a person who plays video games will improve their perceptual decision-making or the ability to identify and choose targets. Their study aimed to look at the viability of using action video games as a training regimen.

From there, more studies were conducted to look at the various benefits of playing action games. There was a study that shows action games can speed up the players’ processing skills or response to certain situations. There was also a study that shows action games can help people overcome distractions and focus on their goals. There’s even a study that showcases improvements in players’ ability to retain visual information as well as multitasking.

A more recent study shows people who play action games are better learners. It’s easier for them to pick up new information, as well as retain them. The great thing about these studies is that the benefits are documented beyond video games. This means that whatever players learned and improved upon while playing games can be applied in real-life settings.

Why Do Action Games Provide These Types of Benefits?

According to researchers, these benefits are likely due to the fact that action games are fast-paced, dynamic, and unpredictable. The nature of these games trains players to be able to search and identify patterns in the environment. It’s teaching them to be perceptive, to react properly, and not to get distracted from their goal.

Action games are teaching players to make quick decisions based on noisy information provided to them. This is how they’re being taught to improve their perception, decision-making skills, and properly learn new tasks and information. Players learn to filter out unnecessary information and distraction and just focus on the ones that will get them to their goal. You can see this type of scenario in games like Call of Duty Mobile.

During a game, players are constantly presented with a situation where they need to decide quickly. Do they go left or right? Do they react to the noise they hear on the other side? Or do they focus on the objective at hand? And there are plenty of scenarios and situations like this in the game. A good decision can lead to you making good plays for your team and a bad one can lead to losing or being killed.

What About The Violence in these Game?

As mentioned earlier, action games do have violence in them and it’s something that researchers say also has an effect on players. According to Edutopia, a 2008 study showed that teens who play a lot of violent video games show more aggressive thoughts and behavior. They tend to get into arguments more. This shows that, though action games have positives, there are also negatives to them.
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So, what does this mean? Well, it just means that players need to still limit their game time when it comes to action games. Like with everything, too much of something can be bad as well. So, regulating game time will be important here.

Final Thoughts

Action games are viewed by many as violent and they are right about that. There are many action games that are Rated R because of their violent tendencies. Though there are studies that show players who play violent games tend to have aggressive thoughts and behaviors, they’re not all bad. There are also studies that show the benefits of playing action games. It helps improve a person’s perception, decision-making, and ability to learn and filter new information coming in.

Action games like Call of Duty Mobile may have violent tendencies. But they also provide a lot of benefits to people playing them. This means that you don’t just prevent teens from playing these types of games. The benefits they can get are too valuable to prevent them from experiencing them. What you can do as parents is to limit their game time and to properly regulate and supervise them. By doing this, you won’t have to worry too much about violence in the game.

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