Avabel Lupinus Guide – A Comprehensive Guide To Start the Game

Posted on April 17, 2022
Avabel Lupinus Game Guide

Last 2019, Avabel Lupinus, also known as Pokebel Online, was released globally, adding to the roster of high-quality MMORPG games nowadays. This hack-and-slash action RPG was published and developed by Asobimo. Now, you’ll learn all about this exhilarating game through our Avabel Lupinus Guide. So make sure to keep on reading!

The said game was planned to be launched last 2018, but it was delayed due to different unwanted circumstances. But, what’s important is that the game is now available on your PC and expected to blow your gaming perspectives big time!


Avabel Lupinus Guide – A New MMORPG Worth Playing

Similar to other role-playing games, Avabel Lupinus features an incredible listing of characters classified into various classes; Warrior, Magician, Rogue, Ranger, Wanderer, and more. As usual, each character depicts a unique ability, skills, stats, and attack style. Additionally, this game features a massive range of game modes where you can test the prowess of your characters, and you can immerse yourself in different dungeons, PvE, PvP, and even guild wars.

As you begin your journey in Avabel Lupinus, you need to set your character first before moving on through the quests. Moreover, you can level up, increase your battle points, and create your strong character by completing quests. So if you feel overwhelmed with the mechanics of the game, and experiencing a hard time understanding the whereabouts of this excellent RPG, let this Avabel Lupinus guide help you out.

Avabel Lupinus Quests


Avabel Lupinus Guide – Choose Your Best Character

As mentioned above, the first task you need to fulfill in Avabel Lupinus is to choose your character. As the game gives its players loads of flexibility, you can change this character anytime you want through the change manager NPC. But even if you change your character, your JEXP will still be restored. However, take note that JEXP is an indispensable part of the game as it’s used to upgrade your character’s skill level. To give you a broader background about the available classes, here are some traits of each class that can help you choose who among them fits your gaming style;


If you’re new to role-playing games, it’s best to start your journey with this character. Furthermore, it’s a class in Avabel Lupinus renowned for good damage skills, which can bring heavy damage to your enemies in every battle. These characters usually utilize melee arsenals such as One Hand Sword, Two Hand Sword, Axe, Blunt Weapon, Dagger, etc.

Avabel Lupinus Warrior



If you’re opting for a character that uses long-ranged arsenals like bows and guns, then you must consider having a ranger.


In this class, characters used to throw poisonous weapons as their main attack. It’s a class that’s possible for players that prefer characters that can perform from near to long-range. Under this character, their primary weapons are a 1H sword and Dagger.


This class shares the set of weapons with the warrior class, but they depict more distinct skills. If you’re an intermediate player, you better consider getting a character here.


If you’re looking for the best class in Avabel Lupinus, you must consider having a revenger. These characters are renowned for their high survivability traits in battles. Most of the time, revengers use handguns, knuckles, and daggers in every battle.

Avabel Lupinus Revenger



The classes will not be complete without a healer. If you’re fond of someone who can support allies in each battle in terms of health, you better get a creator. Aside from being a healer, creators are also known for unleashing excellent attack skills.


It’s another healing class worth checking out. Like creators, acolytes also portray healing skills. Also, they are good at deploying attacks on enemies.

Avabel Lupinus Walkthrough

Once your character is already set, it’s time to rock your quests right away. To start, you’ll be teleported to your base, where everything will begin. For you to progress in the game, you need to take on different quests and dungeons. Additionally, you can also participate in PvP fights and guild wars. You need these game modes to collect in-game items and currency that will help you make your character more powerful.

To reach different locations and play the mentioned game modes, you need to navigate the transferer NPC, and it will help you reach particular areas like User Raid, Quest Dungeon, 1F, 2F, 3F, PvP Reception, and more. Moreover, you’ll usually see the transferer NPC near the quest board. To view this clearly, you can check out the mini-map located in the upper-right portion of your game screen. If you notice a blue point on your map, that’s the portal. It’s the point where you can travel to various game locations. Once you encounter this, you will see specific areas here. It’s also a place where you experience most of the remarkable features of Avabel Lupinus, which include pets, equipment enhancements, synthesis, and more.

Making Your Character Stronger

There are two points you need to focus on Avabel Lupinus in order to make your character more powerful; skill and status. As you progress in the game, you’ll earn JEXP as you battle different enemies. JEXP is extremely important if you want to obtain new skills and enhance the current skills of your character, which is essential to have a stronger character.

Avabel Lupinus Jexp

Another point you must take into account is the status of your character. In Avabel Lupinus, the strength of your character depends on your stats like Magical Attack, Physical Attack, HP and Physical Defense, Critical Damage, and SP and Magic Defense. If you want to enhance your character’s stats, you need to earn more status points which you obtain as your player’s level increases. But if you want to heighten your character’s level, you must defeat more monsters, complete quests, and more. To check your hero’s level, you can access it at the top-left portion of your gaming screen.

Your Hero’s Pet

Another feature worth looking forward to in Avabel Lupinus is the pets. Usually, you’ll get your very first pet after the tutorial for free. In addition, you can set the pet as your companion or not. These pets are not just ordinary pets. That’s because they can help you by boosting your stats during your battles, mainly in HP and SP. If you want to maximize your pet’s benefits, you can evolve them by acquiring evolving materials. You can either use your pet in your battles or sell them in exchange for coins. Additionally, you can access all your pets through the Pet Breeder NPC.

Equip Your Hero With the Best Gears

Like other RPGs, Avabel Lupinus also features a weapon shop where you can get your equipment. Take note that each weapon depicts a class, so it’s better if you’ll get the right equipment that suits your character’s class. You can also try buying your weapons through an NPC, who is usually located at the back of the guild board. Similar to your character, you can also enhance your equipment. To do it, you need to bring it to the blacksmith. Here, you can do five things; enhance, awake arms, evolve, add monster type and add an element.

Avabel Lupinus Gears

Take note that each piece of equipment has its own resource requirements. In enhancing equipment, you need to acquire first resources such as crystals, pills, useless gears, fragments, and more. On the other hand, evolving is the process where you’ll heighten the rank of the equipment. While in the “Awake Arms” option, you can turn your equipment into something more substantial by adding a damaging effect. And when talking about adding elements, you can add your arsenal with various elements such as Dark, Light, Water, Earth, Fire, and Wind. Lastly, adding a monster type is the option where you can select a monster type to add special effects to your weapon. Usually, you’ll need some resources or gold to do this.

We hope that this Avabel Lupinus helped you a lot not only in understanding the game’s mechanics but also in improving your gameplay experience. For more updates and information about this incredible role-playing game, stay tuned here at EmulatorPC.

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