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Posted on September 23, 2022
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A lot of people have a dream home. Sadly, not everyone can make that dream into a reality. But there’s one game that will allow you to experience designing your dream home, at least in a virtual setting. That game is Pocket Love, one of the top simulation games, where you get to design your dream Pocket Love House. But not only that, but you also get to interact with other characters in the game, as well as capture fun and memorable moments.

It’s a fun simulation game that will surely pique your interest. You might be wondering though, how to play this game and how to build your dream house in Pocket Love. Don’t worry because this blog post can help with that. We’ll provide some tips for playing the game, as well as building your dream Pocket Love house.

Getting Started with the Basics Before Building Your Pocket Love House

When you start playing Pocket Love, you won’t instantly go to designing your house. You’ll first design your characters. There’s no need to spend a lot of time here since you can always customize them again at any point in the game. After that, you get to adopt a pet to start your journey. That’s right, just select the cute and fluffy pet you want, give it a name and you’re set to start playing.

When you get to your new home, you’ll be greeted with just a space. That’s right, your home won’t contain anything yet, like an empty canvas that you’ll soon fill up. Of course, you won’t be starting empty-handed. You will have packed furniture to start with your decorations. Once you’ve unpacked, just move the furniture around until you’re satisfied with its location. You can always move it around later when you’re having doubts, or if you have new furniture to set up.

You’ll only have the basics with you, which means you’ll need to purchase more furniture and decoration to build your dream Pocket Love house. There’s an in-game shopping site called Amazing, where you can buy furniture, decorations, and even clothes and accessories for your characters. Coins and Dogllars are used to purchase the things you’ll need.


How to Obtain Coins & Dogllars?

There are two currencies in Pocket Love, coins and Dogllars, with the latter being the game’s premium currency. Earning these two currencies is one of the main things you’ll do in the game since you need them to design your home. Earning coins is easier to do. One of the main ways to earn coins is through the Daily Tasks. You just need to complete it daily to get experience, coins, and rewards for free.

Additionally, you can sell unwanted furniture to earn some coins. You’ll do a lot in the game, as you upgrade your furniture to a better one. It won’t allow you to earn back all of the coins you spent on the furniture, but at least you’re getting something back. But don’t be too quick to sell them since you can always place them in another room.

You can also earn coins by doing things outside like cleaning the streets, or tapping on the coin truck whenever it arrives. There are also advertisements available for you to watch to earn more coins. The Dogllars will be harder to obtain since it’s the premium currency. One way to get this premium currency is through the package lying outside your house. Go for the random furniture on the animated package by just tapping Place and you’ll earn a Dogllar.

Kai, who appears occasionally, can also reward you with Dogllars. You just watch an ad and you’ll get a reward. The reward is random, but it can be Dogllars as well. Completing all tasks can also reward you with some Dogllars. Once you complete all the tasks on the to-do list, you get access to the special reward and it can contain five or more Dogllars. Daily Rewards, on certain days also reward you with Dogllars.

Pocket Love Dogllars

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Leveling Up in Pocket Love

To level up in Pocket love, you’ll need to make your heart gauge full. You earn heart tokens whenever you place new furniture in your home. It’s why it’s important to always get new furniture for you to keep leveling up. When you reach certain levels more items become available for you to purchase.

Increase Space in Your House

Since you’ll need to buy lots of furniture, it’s also important to quickly increase the space in your house. Therefore, you need to add more rooms, so you’ll have more spaces available to put your furniture in. It’s the best way of dealing with too much furniture instead of selling them. Sure, the coins obtained can be used well, but it will also cost more if you’ll sell furniture that you’ll buy again later on for a new room. So, it’s best to have more space in your house to put furniture in instead of selling them.

You can have a maximum of 16 rooms in your house, which gives you plenty of options and flexibility in building the home that you dream of. To add more room to your house, you’ll need Dogllars for that. It’s why you need to earn as many Dogllars as you can as well. After acquiring new space, you can start moving furniture to the new room. Doing that is not as simple as it sounds. Below are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Select the room where the furniture you want to move is located and tap the edit button
  2. You’ll enter the room edit mode and on the left side you’ll see all of the available furniture
  3. Next is to tap on the item you want to move and click the menu with the downward pointing arrow. It will remove the item from that particular room and put it in your storage
  4. Take note that each item will be stored based on its category. Remember that, so you can quickly find the item again later.
  5. Next, go to the room where you want to place the stored furniture
    Drag and drop the furniture in that room and just move it to where you want to put it.


Pocket Love Increase Space


Start Building Your Dream Pocket Love House

The basics of what you need to design your dream house are already discussed above. There are more things that you can do in the game. But the tips provided above will be a good start in helping you build and design your dream Pocket Love house. And if you’re still looking for more guides regarding this game and more, stay tuned here in EmulatorPC!

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