Bullet Echo Tier List – The Best Heroes Worth Investing

Posted on October 2, 2022
Bullet Echo Tier List

If you’re looking for an immensely heart-pounding game, you better see what Bullet Echo can bring to the table. This top-down action game was published by ZeptoLab last 2020 and is suitable for players who extremely love action and adventure. Here, your main objective is to defeat all of your enemies on all levels and prove them your worth in terms of killing and tactics. In this game, there are more than 20 awesome characters to choose from. With our Bullet Echo Tier List, you can find the best choice for you.

Each of them depicts uniqueness not only in terms of weapons on their shoulders but also in powers. Take note that in this game, the heroes are classified according to rarity. Common Heroes are known to be easy to obtain, while the tough ones are the Mythic Heroes. Though there are Mythic Heroes, it doesn’t mean that they are the greatest heroes; in every ten levels you take, you can level up your Common Heroes, which enables them to be more powerful.

Because there are loads of heroes available in the Bullet Echo, choosing who will be your companion is difficult. To help you out with this, let this Bullet Echo Tier List let you know as to who’s the best heroes worth investing in.

Bullet Echo Tier List – Who is the Best Hero?

In Bullet Echo Tier List, take note that the heroes are categorized into five classes; scouts, snipers, troopers, tanks, and ambushers. You can choose your hero according to your playstyle, but it will be a great idea if you invest in a hero that suits your style and someone who is powerful enough to withstand you in different situations.

To help you choose your hero in Bullet Echo, we’ve created a Bullet Echo Tier List depending on each hero’s overall effectiveness. Here, the characters are classified into five tiers; S, A, B, C, and D. Like the usual tier lists, S-Tier heroes are acclaimed to be the overpowered ones, while the D-Tier heroes are the weakest ones. Here are the heroes ranked according to their respective tiers;

S-Tier Heroes

The tier is renowned for having the most formidable heroes. If you’re looking for the cream of the crop, you better check them out in this tier. With their exceptional abilities, you can quickly surpass any level in the game. Here are the best and overpowered S-Tier heroes;

  • Freddie
  • Mirage
  • Angel



A-Tier Heroes

They’re not as strong as the heroes above, but still, you can depend on them during the game. If you’re having difficulty acquiring S-Tier heroes, you can alternatively deploy an A-Tier hero as it also possesses a strong ability to annihilate any type of enemy. Here are the strong heroes under A-Tier;

  • Levi
  • Ghost
  • Satoshi
  • Dragoon
  • Raven
  • Arnie
  • Sparkle


Bullet Echo Raven


B-Tier Heroes

Not as overpowered and strong as the heroes above, you can still consider using a B-Tier Hero as they can help you get an advantage in the game, especially in some particular scenarios. Here are the characters classified as B-Tier heroes;

  • Bastion
  • Bertha
  • Stalker
  • Slayer
  • Blot
  • Firefly


Bullet Echo Slayer


C-Tier Heroes

You can depend on C-Tier heroes only on early levels. Characters under C-Tier are renowned for having some flaws that can’t help you thrive in the game. If it happens that you end no choice choosing a C-Tier hero, try to aim for the higher-tier hero mentioned above. Here are the not-so-powerful C-Tier heroes;

  • Leviathan
  • Doc
  • Cyclops


Bullet Echo Doc


D-Tier Heroes

If you’re opting for the most powerful heroes in Bullet Echo, then your eyes must not be here. Heroes under D-Tier are precisely the opposite of what the S-Tier heroes have. D-Tier heroes are renowned as the game’s weakest characters and are not highly recommended in the game. Here are the weakest heroes in the Bullet Echo;

  • Smog



Who are the Best Heroes in Bullet Echo?

Now that you’ve already known the strongest and weakest heroes using our Bullet Echo Tier List, this is the perfect time to learn more about the best heroes in this game and what makes them the most powerful. Here are the formidable characters in Bullet Hero;


If you’re the type of player who looks for a great sniper in the game, then you better find a way to have Mirage on your kit. This hero is acclaimed to have no weaknesses and is known as a nearly perfect hero with her outstanding accuracy in using her gun. Her fire rate is relatively impressive as she can hit even a shirt every second, along with its adequate accuracy.


You can always depend on Freddie’s skills when it comes to speed. He’s renowned as the fastest and one of the best heroes you can use on any kind of level. Like Mirage, Freddie has excellent skills, and his passive skills can help him become faster. If you’re looking for a hero that can deal massive damage, this hero is a must-have!


If you’re don’t like the fantastic power of Freddie, you can alternatively opt for the most disliked hero in the game, Angel. This hero is renowned for her passive skill, which is the Protective Matrix. What’s more impressive about this hero is that the enemies can’t defeat her with just one shot as she’s acclaimed as a ferocious tank.

Choose Your Hero Using the Bullet Echo Tier List

Now that you’ve already known Bullet Echo’s best and weakest heroes, now’s the perfect time to choose who among them is worth your time and can help you prosper in the game, especially on challenging levels. But if you’re looking for more information and updates about this heart-pounding action game, stay in the loop here in EmulatorPC.

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