Girls’ Frontline Tier List – Best T-Dolls on All of Your Battles

Posted on September 4, 2022
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Girls’ Frontline is a strategy game that was initially published by Mica Team and Sunborn Japan last 2016. To make the game available to other players worldwide, Darkwinter Software made its move last 2018 to develop the global English version. As the game’s title suggests, the characters in this game are acclaimed to be all female and called Tactical Dolls or T-Dolls. If you want to know about them, we have the Girls’ Frontline Tier List for you to check out!

Getting to Know Girls’ Frontline’s T-Dolls

Generally, the game has loads of available T-Dolls, and they’re classified into different groups that correspond to their arsenal. In playing Girls’ Frontline, you’re tasked to make your team of T-Dolls who will help you withstand different missions and battles. This feature makes it one of the best strategy games for PC gaming.

As mentioned above, the said Tactical Dolls are classified into different classes according to their weapons. These classes are Submachine Guns, Handguns, Shotguns, Assault Rifles, Rifles, and Machine Guns. The ultimate question now is, who among the T-Dolls is worth investing in? Which Tactical Dolls should be part of your winning team? Let the Girls’ Frontline Tier List help you out.

Girls’ Frontline Tier List – The Best T-Dolls Worth Investing in Each Class

In this Girls’ Frontline Tier List, you’ll get a chance to access the best T-Dolls in each class or weapon. In each class, the T-Dolls are classified into 6 tiers; S, A, B, C, D, and E. S-Tier heroes are renowned for being the best heroes, while the E-Tier T-Dolls are the worst ones. S-Tier Heroes are the overpowered T-Dolls known to be more aggressive in defense and offense. If you’re looking for heroes that provide significant impact and incredible buffs during the battle, you must opt for the heroes in this tier.

On the other hand, A-Tier T-Dolls are acclaimed for being the second most powerful heroes in this game. If you don’t have heroes from the S-Tier, you can create your team from this tier. Following the A-Tier heroes are the B-Tier Tactical Dolls. Heroes under this group are not too aggressive like the S-Tier group. In terms of power, you can still depend on them with correct usage. Next in line are the C-Tier heroes; t-dolls under this tier are not as good as those above. However, you can consider adding them if there are still missing spots on your echelon.

Going down our Girls’ Frontline Tier list are the D-Tier heroes. Honestly, it’s not recommended to use the heroes under this tier. But, if it happens that your team is not yet complete and you have no choice, you can choose them anyway. But once a higher-tier hero becomes available, switch them right away. Finally, if the S-Tier is renowned for being the cream of the crop, then E-Tier is the home of the worst heroes. T-Dolls classified as E-Tier lack crucial skills, firepower, and more. Therefore, it’s strongly recommended not to use heroes under this group.


The Girls’ Frontline Tier List

So, without further ado, check out our Girls’ Frontline tier list per class;

Assault Rifle

Here are the best to the weakest heroes in this class;

S – HK-416, FAL, OTs-41, G11,G41, T91
A – K2, AUG, AN-94. TYPE 95, ART-556, ZAS M21, AM-RFB, TYPE 97, AK-12, MDR
B – 9A-91, TAR 21, Ribeyrolles, G36, M4-SOPMOD II, FAMAS, M16-A1, M4A1, Type 56-1, CZ2000, AS VAL, AR 15, XM8
C – StG44, OTs-12, CZ-805, FF FNC, AK-47
D – T65, Ash-12.7, Model L, ARX-160, AR70, 6P62
E – SIG-510, Type 63, L85A1, F2000, G3, Galil


Here are the most powerful and fragile heroes in this class;

S – Welrod MK2, Grizzly, M950-A
A – USP COMPACT, Five-Seven, NZ75, Contender
B – Thunder .50 cal, Spitfire, SPP-1, P7, Stetchkin, MK23, M1873, K5
C – Glock 17, Mauser C96, Luger P08, Makarov, M9, Tokarev
D – PSM, P226, HK45, Type 59, Seryukov, Gsh-18, P99, CZ52
E – PPK, P38, MP-446, Nagant revolver, M1911, FNP-9,


Machine Gun

S – Negev, MG4, MG5
A – HK21
B – Type 80, Mk48, PK, M60, MG3, M1918, Ameli, AEK-999
C – MG42, M2HB, M1919
D – HK23, M259 SAW, RPD, BREN
E – LWMMG, FG42, DP28, MG34, AAT-52


Here are the formidable and weak heroes in this class;

S – WA2000, NTW-20, IWS2000, Lee-Enfield, M99
A – JS05, DSR 50, Carcano M91, Carcano M1891, Ballista
B – T-5000, SVD, PzB39, PTRD, Springfield, Mosin-Nagant, GR PSG-1, G28
C – Type 56, SV-98, M14, M21, M1 Garand, Hanyang 88
D – SSG 69, WZ 29, Type 81, Super SASS, M1-A1, OTs-44, Gepard M1
E – Simonov, SVT-38, FN-49, G43, VM59

Sub Machine Guns

Here are the greatest and feeble heroes in this class;

S – Type-79, Thompson, Suomi, Vector
A – SR-3MP, TYPE 100, RO635, G36C, MP7,C-MS
B – UMP45, UMP40, UMP9, Shipka, PP-19-01, PP-90, PP19, Honey Badger, Klin, GR MP5
C – Z-62, Sten, PPS-43. Skorpion, Mini Uzi, Ingram, EVO 3, FMG-9
D – OTs-39, T77, TMP, MT-9, M12, F1
E – PPsh-41, Specter M4, Type 64, IDW, PP-2000, M3, MP40



Here are the dynamic and delicate heroes in this class;

S – M1887, SAIGA-12, KSG
A – SAT 8, FP-6, AA 12
B – USAS-12, Super-shorty, SPAS-12, Type 97, M590, M37, M1014
C – RMB-23, KS-23
D – M500, M1897
E – NS2000

Using the Girls’ Frontline Tier List to Create Your Ultimate Team

Now that you know the best and worst Tactical Dolls in each class, it’s the perfect time to form your ultimate team and try your best to opt for the greatest ones. So we hope that this Girls’ Frontline tier list helped you figure out the best and weak heroes among over 100 heroes. But for more updates, tips, tricks, and information about this awesome strategy game, feel free to check us out here in EmulatorPC.


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