Cats & Soup Game Tips – Collect Cats, Build Facilities & Hit Max Level

Posted on May 26, 2022
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If you are both a cat lover and a good cook, you will definitely enjoy playing Cats & Soup – Cute idle Game. It is a charming and relaxing idle game that revolves around a bunch of little felines cooking soups and other delicious dishes in the middle of a forest. The cute kittens, simple gameplay, cute cartoon illustrations, and relaxing ASMR sounds will surely make you love this game.

Don’t know how to play the game yet? Find out here all the Cats & Soups game tips and enjoy playing with your adopted furry friends.

Cats & Soup Game Tips to Play The Game Well

The Cats & Soup game is a good stress reliever game as it has cute, engaging, and simple gameplay. Your goal is to adopt cute kittens, upgrade kitchen facilities, and create a profitable kitchen in the forestland. However, you still have to familiarize yourself with the game objectives to maximize your gameplay and quickly advance to the next level. Below are some of the useful Cats & Soup game tips and tricks that will help you accomplish tasks in the game.

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1. Place Cats in the Appropriate Facility

Once you build a facility, you can start adopting new cats. Each cat has its corresponding cooking skills and job so, you have to make sure that you place each cat in the cooking facility that matches its skills. Otherwise, it will not perform its job.

For example, Turkish Angora specializes in carrot slicing, so you should place it on the slicing carrot facility to activate its skills. You may also check if the skill is working by tapping the cat icon and then the skill icon. If it appears in gray color, it’s an indication that it is not compatible with the facility it’s working with.

2. Always Fill the Heart Scales (Feed the Cats)

Just like other characters in a game, your cats also need food for sustenance. So, you must feed them some fish to increase their heart scales and boost their skill effects. Another tip is to get a legendary fish as it adds more hearts compared to regular fish. Remember that the more you fill the heart scale, the better the cat’s cooking skill is.

3. Build & Upgrade Kitchen Facilities

To maximize the game, you should build and upgrade your kitchen facilities. It includes cooking facilities, resting facilities, functions, and special facilities. When you fill your area with all of these facilities, you can expand your current place and craft more facilities.


  • Cooking facilities – where you place your feline friends to cook food items. You must upgrade it to earn more gold. Upgrading it from level 1 to 10 will increase the items’ price.
  • Rest facilities – use these facilities for granting energy, stamina, and recipe points.
  • Function facilities – every function facility has a corresponding purpose that you can take advantage of to improve your gameplay. You can get a good luck jar here. It gives special gifts at regular intervals.
  • Special facilities – some of these facilities are free but others require a fee to use.

4. Sell the Dishes as Soon as they Pop Up

One of the most important Cats & Soup Game tips is to sell all the dishes once they are cooked. The reason behind this is the dishes get more coins when you sell them immediately. Just like in the real world, a food that is left longer will not taste as good as the one served right away.

That principle also applies in the game. If your dishes stay longer, they will not hit the sale price and thus would give you only a small amount. Therefore, to earn more coins make sure to sell and serve it while it’s hot!

5. Join Special Events

The game also has different special events such as Photo Op, Hot Air Balloon and Frog Prince. Make sure to pay attention to these special events as they are only granted to active and attentive players. Once they pop up, take time to play the game.

  • Photo Op – take good shots of your cute furry friends while they are busy hustling. You may also share the picture on social media if you wish.
  • Hot Air Balloon – Once in a while, a hot air balloon will fly over your kitchen. Tap it repeatedly to scatter all the gold coins and make the mouse come down.
  • Frog Prince – Occasionally, a mysterious frog will appear in your kitchen carrying a simple request. Catch him and grant his request to get a sum of gold coins or recipe points, if you get lucky.

6. Finish Daily Quest

Another Cats & Soup game tip that every player should consider is the completion of daily missions. By completing the quests, you will earn extra rewards such as gold, recipe points, gold tickets, and recipe point tickets. You can also get blue gems once you finish your daily quests. Blue gems are helpful in opening treasure chests when the free option chest is not yet available.


7. Complete All Collections

The game also allows you to complete all collections by collecting clothes, hats, accessories, furniture, and fish. By completing all the sets, you can get special boosters. Aside from that, you may also collect all your furry friends by unlocking all kitchen facilities.

8. Watch Ads for Extra Rewards

Watching ads might be annoying to some players, but it is quite helpful in the Cats & Soup game as it grants you more rewards. Watching ads lets you enjoy some of the extra perks that will help you improve your kitchen facilities.

  • Cooking Speed Burst – this perk gives your cats a cooking speed booster. It may run for a short time only but it still makes your feline friends’ work quicker and easier. You can repeat watching ads to get this cooking booster.
  • Double Coins – once you log in, you will see a bunch of coins waiting for you. You can also double the number of coins by watching ads. To take advantage of this, always watch some ads when you log in to the game.
  • Jar Fairy – you can also get rewards such as gold and recipe points after watching Ads.

Start Playing with Your Feline Friends Now

No time for playing games? Worry no more! Cats & Soup is an idle simulation game. Your feline friends will help you play the game and earn gold coins even when you are asleep or busy. Download Cats & Soup on your PC today and start building a purrfect kitchen in a forest wonderland!


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