Disney Mirrorverse Guide – Tips To Get a Good Start

Posted on July 16, 2021
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Who would have thought your favorite Disney characters would make good and awesome heroes in an action RPG? Well, this is what you can expect when you play Disney Mirrorverse. Published by Kabam Games, Inc., it’s a game where your favorite Disney characters exist in an alternate reality. In this reality, they’re more than just cartoon characters, as they’re heroes and adventurers possessing unique skills and abilities.

Those unique abilities and skills will be needed, though, as the Mirrorverse is being threatened by the Fractured Force. They’re an unknown enemy that’s looking to harness the power of the Stellar Mirror. It’s your job to assemble a powerful team of guardians to fight the Fractured Force and protect the Stellar Mirror and the entire Mirrorverse. It’s a typical action RPG where you summon and collect heroes, develop them, and go on various quests.

But like with any RPG, getting a good start is essential, especially if you want to have a higher chance of succeeding. But things can get a bit complicated, especially in the beginning. To help you get started, this blog post will be a Disney Mirroverse guide. It will provide some tips on how to get started properly.

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Learning The Controls of The Disney Mirrorverse

Though Disney Mirrorverse is an RPG, the battle sequence is more like a hack and slash gameplay. This means you’ll have freedom of movement during the battle phase. This can get a bit confusing in the beginning. But things get easier as you learn the controls and practice. One important thing that you should know about the battle is the dodge function of your character. By swiping the movement button in a certain direction, your character will dash towards that direction.

This will allow you to dodge the opponent’s attacks. If you master the dodge function, enemies will have a hard time hitting you since you’ll be dodging all over the area. This is a handy function, mainly as you deal with multiple enemies. During a battle, you should also use your specials properly. Each guardian will have a unique special that can deal great damage or provide buffs and debuffs. The specials can help turn the tide of a battle if you use them properly. Take note that they do have a cooldown, so don’t waste them.

Disney Mirrorverse Heroes


Diversify the Guardians You’ll Use

You won’t be alone during the battle, as you’ll be battling with two other guardians. However, you don’t get to control them. You only control one guardian during battle while the other two will move and attack automatically. Besides, you can also make them activate their skill if it’s available. You can also switch guardians whenever you need to. When forming your team, you must diversify. This means your team comprises characters that will play different roles. You’ll need to have a tank, an attacker (ranged or melee), and support.

By making sure your team has different roles, you’ll be flexible and deal with whatever enemies you encounter. For example, you’re dealing with heavy damage dealers, so you’ll need to switch to the tank so you can survive more. If you’re dealing with strong but slow enemies, then you can switch to the ranged guardian and kill them before they get near. Having guardians that play different roles will help you greatly in battles.

Join A Good Alliance

It’s also important that you join a good and active alliance. Being part of alliances will allow you to participate in exclusive alliance events. These events usually come with great rewards and resources, so it would be a shame to miss them. When you’re part of an alliance, make sure to also save the Laurels you earn. They’re resources that you can use to purchase things in the Mission Store. You can usually get reasonable items, crystals, or other resources there.

Don’t Try to Level Up & Develop All Your Guardians.

Resources and materials for developing guardians are limited. So, you mustn’t just waste them and try to develop all of the guardians you have. You should focus more on the guardians that you are primarily using in the game. In this way, you’ll be able to quickly and adequately develop your main characters. It’s better to have fewer guardians that are powerful than many mediocre ones.

Disney Mirrorverse Skills


Always Pay Attention To Events & Bonuses

The great thing about Disney Mirrorverse is that it constantly comes up with events and bonuses that will allow you to earn resources. You have to make sure to take advantage of these, as it will significantly help in your progress. RPGs like this one usually require real money if you really want to speed up your progress. But certain time-limited events and bonuses can do wonders for your development without the need to spend real money.

Disney Mirrorverse is a fun and exciting action RPG that is worth playing and spending time on. The tips mentioned here will help you greatly in having an excellent start to the game.

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