Garena Free Fire Guide – Winning Tips To Remember

Posted on July 11, 2021
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Battle royale games are usually the game genre that people go to if they’re looking for an exciting and competitive game to play. One of the best battle royale games available right now is Garena Free Fire. What’s great about this game is that it features one of the smallest maps that you can play in. It will only allow 50 players, instead of the usual 100 for the battle royale match.

This results in shorter and quicker matches, allowing players to play more matches in just a short period. Another thing is that it features many unique characters that you can acquire and use. These characters possess skills and abilities that can provide you with an advantage during matches. But like with any other battle royale match, it’s not easy to win in Garena Free Fire. But there are ways that can help increase your chances of winning. This is what we’ll discuss in this blog post.

Make Sure the Game’s Settings & Controls Suit You

This is one of the basic things that many players forget to do in shooting games, and that is adjusting the settings and control setup. It’s important that you make sure you are comfortable with the setting of your game. Do you have the right sensitivity? How about the control setups? Make sure all of these things are customized based on your preference. You might need to do some tests here, but once you find a setting that you’re most comfortable with, you just stick to that. You will see your performance in-game will drastically improve.


It’s Better To Play The Game Solo

When you’re deciding on whether to go solo, duo, or as part of a squad, the best option would always be to go solo. As a solo player, you only have to worry about yourself during the match. You don’t have to think too much about your teammates and find ways to cooperate. It’s also easier to strategize as a solo player since all of the actions needed will be performed by you. The only time you’ll play in a squad or duo is if you’re playing with people you trust. But if you’re going to play with complete strangers, it’s better to go solo.

Be Adept at Using Different Kinds of Weapons

It’s also important that you’re someone who can use different types of weapons in Garena Free Fire. Though it’s not a bad idea to be a master of certain weapons, being flexible increases your chances of winning. This is because you never really know what weapon you’ll be equipping or using during the match. Remember, you begin the game without anything, and you’ll have to explore the island for weapons and gear.

In the beginning, you’ll likely go with the first weapon that you get until you can find a better one. So, being able to use different types of weapons well can put you at an advantage. This is because, even if you’re using a pistol, you can still defeat an opponent if you know how to properly use it.

Garena Free Fire landing

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Choose A Location To Land Wisely

Your strategy in Garena Free Fire should begin on the location that you will land on the island. This is where the battle begins since selecting a good location to land can determine how your match will go. You’d want to land in an area where you can likely find plenty of weapons, items, and armor to wear. However, you also have to consider that these types of locations will also be targeted by other players.

Your best option here would be to look for smaller areas like several houses, small shacks, and so on. Though you might still encounter enemies here, it likely won’t be many of them. Another good way to determine a location is to try and select an area that’s far from the travel line of the plane. Many players will try to land on spots near the route that the plane is taking. So. by choosing an area that’s far, you will likely encounter only a small number of enemies.

Keep on Practicing

As they always say, practice makes perfect and this is something that also applies to Garena Free Fire. Practicing is one of the best ways for you to increase your chances of winning. Keep on practicing, then hone your skills and your strategies. Pretty soon, you’ll be a good player with a personal strategy that will allow you to win most of the time.

Garena Free Fire is a fun and entertaining game that is very exciting to play. It’s also a competitive game, which means winning often is not easy. But with the tips provided in this blog post, your chances of winning will increase.

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