Final Fighter Review – An Intense Classic Game Worth Playing

Posted on December 11, 2021
Final Fighter Review Intense Classic Game

Fighting games have always been a staple, especially for those who grew up in the 80s and 90s. Now, with the continuous evolution of technology, you can play your favorite classic fighting games on your PC like what we have here, the Final Fighter.

If you are familiar with Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, then you can easily get the hang of Final Fighter. It is an action game published and developed by Jia Rong Tech that depicts fast-paced, action-packed gameplay and is notable for its outstanding graphics.

Take a Step to Be the Best Final Fighter

Before we jump into the gameplay, let’s first explain the story of the game. In Final Fighter, there is an ongoing battle between humans and hybrids which started in the year 2050. Due to advancing technology, a dominating P-Core of Ancient Champions was discovered.

This discovery is intended to be used on humans. It aims to transform them into a new hybrid genus who will conquer the world. To save people, Soul Fighters are set to rescue, proclaiming a war against Hybrids. If you are familiar with Street Fighter, you will quickly learn the gameplay of Final Fighter. In this 3D action-fighting RPG, you will fight against other players face to face individually.

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Show your best skills by combining various styles of kicks and punches during combat to defeat your opponents. Aside from combat skills, you can elevate your fighting hand with different weapons and items around the corner. In this game, you need to unleash your inner fighting dragon and be the victorious Final Fighter.

Let the Fight Start

Though the mechanics of typical fighting games are easy to understand, Final Fighter will still provide you with a brief tutorial on how to play the game from its basics and how to execute moves. From here, you will learn how to make various moves such as blocking, attacking, using your unique skills, and more.

Once you are done with the basic tutorial, you will proceed to the storyline of the game. There are also various game modes to enjoy. In Final Fighter, you can choose from three modes; the classic, arcade, and the versus modes. You can choose if you want to do it alone or enjoy the accompaniment of teammates through 3v3 mode.

Aside from game modes, you can also explore the game by choosing among the powerful champions featured in the game. Each character is equipped with special skills and abilities. If you want to conquer the battle, it is essential to master these characters, which will help you become the best Final Fighter. You can choose from the Yo-Yo Girl, Cyborg Warrior, Rapper, Super Athlete, and more.

Experience Advanced Visual Effects & Graphics

Even though the gameplay depicts more of the nostalgic fighting games, it doesn’t mean that the graphics and visuals of the game are the same. Like we always say, with the help of technology, everything is advanced, so the games must be.

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Upon setting up, you can quickly notice the excellent and detailed background of the game. The arenas are set to look bizarre, making the combat more genuine and exhilarating. The graphics are astounding, making you engage for more hours. Like what we have in graphics, the overall visual effects are really breathtaking. Though there are story dialogues between combats, you will still appreciate the fight scenes and feel young as you enjoy the nostalgic gameplay.

Final Thoughts

With the vast existence of combat RPGs nowadays, Final Fighter manages to stand out in its genre for many reasons. Even if you’re not an enthusiastic sci-fi fanatic, you will surely enjoy the action-packed combat and gameplay that features loads of fun and excitement.

Winning fights is satisfying as the game works in real-time against other actual players. Overall, Final Fighter will definitely hit every gamer’s expectation not only with its engaging gameplay but with its stunning visual effects and graphics, the magnificent roster of fighters, and their surprising battle skills. An action game worth your time!

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