Suspects: Mystery Mansion – A Beginner’s Gameplay Guide

Posted on September 11, 2021
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Murder mystery games have always been popular. We like feeling the thrill, which is what these kinds of games offer. Many puzzles and hidden object games are surrounded by mystery and fantasy. But newer games like Among Us have shed new light on these kinds of games. And another game that’s following in its footsteps is Suspects: Mystery Mansion!

Suspects: Mystery Mansion was created by Wildlife Studios, which is popular for games titled Tennis Clash and Zooba. The players in the game will also have to deal with one or two killers, while the rest will have to deduce who they are while finishing their individual tasks at the same time.

What makes it very enjoyable is the many game modes you can try. It also has an integrated voice chat and a ranked ladder, making it more competitive. If you’re not a killer, you can actually win the game through cooperation. And winning means you get to unlock more content. If you want to become great at Suspects: Mystery Mansion, here’s a simple beginner’s gameplay guide you can check out. It covers almost everything that you might want to know about this murder mystery game!

Task Guide For Non-Murderers (Guests)

The mansion is big, but not too big for the killer! Find out who the killer is while finishing your tasks. The faster all guests finish their tasks, then the quicker you win the game. But you also need to evade the killer, even if you don’t know who it is. That’s the main challenge of the game! Here are some tasks you need to finish:

Fingerprint Search

The Fingerprint Search takes a long time to finish, so it’s the first one you need to complete. Hover the magnifying glass on top of the object and slowly move down in a swiping motion. Make sure to follow the length of the object. Once done, analyze them using the computer.

Next, you have to make a sandwich and look for the book with a photo of a sandwich. Then, study the ingredients and get what you need. Afterward, tap and create the sandwich. Now, all that’s left to do is to eat it. After that, you have to get the fire going by adding firewood to the fireplace. Use your two thumbs to place the firewood alternately. Then, light a match by parking it on the ignition strip and glide it across. You need to do it perfectly to avoid wasting the match.



Reconstruct A Torn Photo, Sort Belongings, & Fix Pipes

The next task is to reconstruct the torn photo, another important job you need to complete. Again, start with the edges and borders, then work your way to the middle. Another task is to sort the belongings of Mr. Goat and Mrs. Goat. Mr. Goat owns the hat, monocle, and lapel pin. On the other hand, Mrs. Goat owns the purse, necklace, and earrings.

You also need to fix the plumbing by tapping the pipe parts to align with the main pipe. Putting the tools inside the toolbox by following the shapes is another task. It’s pretty easy since you only need to look at which has the same shapes as the blank space inside the box.

Unlock A Drawer & Chop Wood

You will also get a task that requires you to unlock a drawer by timing the bounce of the lock from top to bottom. Tap the drawer itself once the cursor is centered. You also need to chop wood by dragging your finger and slicing them on the screen. Time the swipes so you can finish the task right away. Then remove the poisonous flowers by hovering your thumb on top of the flowers and see which one of them makes an unpleasant face.

Diffuse A Bomb

When you find footprints, tap them in order. You then need to find the correct shoes based on the sole. Next, tap the magnifying glass to finish the task. Fix the lights if the killer sabotaged them. You can do so by pressing them one by one or two at a time with two thumbs. Finally, diffuse the bombs by following the code on the left. One wrong move and you get shocked by an electric current.

Beware the Killer (Suspect)!

If you’re the killer, you need to think and pretend to act like a guest and never reveal who you are. Of course, you also need to kill unsuspecting guests at the same time. Below are some things you need to remember:

  1. Study your “task” list and pretend to be a guest. Then, pretend that you’re doing your task while going to places where these are done.
  2. Never make a kill if there are others around, or else the jig is up!
  3. Avoid self-reporting because if you do it frequently, other players might suspect that it’s you. Though doing it once will throw the players off.
  4. If you have a hunch on who the Inspector is, take them out instantly.
  5. Join guests in fixing the sabotage you have caused, such as causing a blackout or planting a bomb.
  6. Use trap doors wisely. Avoid guests from thinking you’re the killer just because they saw you going through a shortcut.
  7. Avoid killing victims if the cameras are on.
  8. Do not kill guests that accused you, or you will look bad in front of other guests.


Suspects Mystery Mansion Roles


Other Roles

If you’re an Inspector, never reveal your Identity because once the Killer knows who you are, they will take you out immediately. The Inspector role has a unique ability because they can discern who the Killer might be. Unfortunately, their complete analysis takes a full three seconds to finish, so the subject has to remain still. As you can see, this role is a significant threat to the Killer. So, if you’re the Inspector, you need to protect yourself by keeping quiet as well.

Another role is the Vigilante, which means they can kill a suspected Killer. But if they kill an innocent Guest, they die instead. If you’re the vigilante and you killed the Killer before the Guests could, they might think you are the Killer instead. But if used correctly, your team has a big shot at winning.

Now that you know what goes on in the game, the only thing you need to do now is actually play it! Get Suspects: Mystery Mansion here on EmulatorPC to enjoy the game for free on PC.

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