The God of High School Characters – An Ultimate Beginners Guide List

Posted on August 17, 2022
The God Of High School Characters Ultimate Guide

The God of High School with Naver Weebton is one of the sought-after RPGs out there. The game is based on its original manhwa with the same title that features karate fights. With tons of borrowed elements from the manhwa, this free-to-play RPG features awesome fighting events. If you are a new player in this game, expect an entirely different type of charm for a battle RPG. Also, you cannot doubt that The God of High School characters have unique skills and abilities! Every element of the game, from its graphics to its gameplay, will take you into action.

Published by SN Games Corp., The God of High School features several different characters. You can use these characters in combat and can upgrade them. If you want to advance efficiently in battles, you should upgrade each of your characters. Doing this also increases your chances of collecting other characters in the game.

Main Characters

This article will only feature some of the notable characters you will encounter in The God of High School. Because this game is originally based on the Korean Manhwa, you should expect the same from some of its characters. Though we will not discuss the entire list of characters here, this guide will still serve as a quick character gist. The characters that we are about to feature here are the ones who have an impact on the game’s storyline. So without further ado, let us know each of these characters.

The God Of High School Game


Jin Mo-ri

Ji Mori is the main protagonist of the original manhwa and the main hero of The God of High School. Based on the manhwa, he is known to be a careless high school kid who is always ready for adventure. Because of these tendencies, he always fights everyone in the class. He is similar to other anime characters like Goku, who is always present in their game. In the game, he boasts dynamic abilities that dominate the enemy fights.

In addition, Jin Mori is the very first character you can acquire in the game. As one of the top characters, he is a reliable fighter you can have. Because he is a dependable fighter, he is the chief recruiter in the game on which he builds a team. This team is the one who will beat the bullies dominating the school. With Jin Mori, expect a character who will do all the grind to defend his team.

The God Of High School Game Jin Mo Ri


Han Dae-Wi

In the original manhwa, he is a member of the legendary duo called Mad Cows. He is arguably one of the best-skilled fighters in the game. It is proven when Jin Mo-Ri recruited him as the game started. Well, as usual, depending on the capability of the player you are, he always succeeds in defeating the enemies. Expect to have him as one of the reliable members of your team to beat the bad guys. Since he is equipped with innate fighting abilities, having him is a real deal for your team.

The God Of Highschool Game Han Daewi


Yu Mi-Ra

Based on the original manhwa, Yu Mi-Ra is the tritagonist you should not take lightly. As she is known as the Moon Light Sword Style 25th Master, her skills are also deadly. Her sword skills are not something any enemies in the game can simply defeat. Even though she is a woman, her fighting skill will surely make her a good team member.

In the game, she is depicted as someone with a strong aura. Though her first impression is a girl who is helpless enough to defend herself, that is entirely false. In reality, she is as capable as the first character in the team. Expect to have a strong woman to fight with you against the enemies of the tournament.

The God Of Highschool Game Yu Mi Ra


Other Characters

Jin Tae-Jin

Jin Tae-Jin is the fatherly figure in the original manhwa, acting as the adopted grandfather of Jin Mo-Ri. He wielded the skills of a martial art called Renewal Taekwondo, making it his asset. He is known to be a captain of an elite military force that was sent to North Korea as spies. With his existing incredible fighting skills, expect to have him as one of the most reliable members of your team.

The God Of Highschool Game Jin Tae Jin


Park Il-Pyo

Considered one of the top three fighters in the country, Park Il-Pyo has commendable fighting skills. In the original manhwa, he is known as the GOH champion from Jeonranamdo Province. Though this sounds so friendly, he is one of the difficult champions to recruit.

He is one of the bosses you have to test in the game. But his skills will always prove that he can be a reliable team member. Expect to have a committed member who will fight with you against your enemies.

The God Of Highschool Game Park Il Pyo


Lee Soo-Jin

He is the most elusive among the characters in The God of High School. Few references are connected to her, and each has vague details. The only thing we know so far is that she is a member of a group called Nox. Not just that, she is also a bishop of the said organization and holds immense power within it. In the original manhwa, she is first portrayed as the master of Gang Man-Suk. You will encounter her as you progress in the game. Choosing her is always a real deal.

The God Of Highschool Game Lee Soo Jin


Bottom Line

Currently, The God of High School is continuing its game developments with recent updates available. This game is heavily borrowing parts of its gameplay from its original manhwa. There are, however, some slight modifications with variations in the characters’ abilities. But, it can affect your performance as a player. If you are still a new player, you should focus on learning about the characters mentioned. They are the most impactful players in the game so far.

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