Knights Chronicle Tier List – The Best Characters to Acquire

Posted on July 14, 2022
Knights Chronicle Powerful Characters To Get

In 2018, South Korean video game developers known as Netmarble published another phenomenal role-playing game titled Knights Chronicle. The said RPG reached over a million downloads with fair ratings and reviews. This RPG will get on every gamer’s nerve due to its captivating gameplay and stunning graphics and visuals. Knights Chronicle shares the same perspective with other RPGs where you obtain your heroes through gacha. Here, you’re tasked to develop up to 5 characters in a turn-based battle. So, who among the 160 heroes deserve to be in your team? Let our Knights Chronicle Tier List be your guide.

If you’re a big fan of anime, then you’re on the right path with Knights Chronicle. In this game, you’ll get an opportunity to play with a fantastic roster of anime-style characters that are fully drawn in nostalgic features of familiar anime characters. However, take note that this RPG features more than 160 anime-inspired characters, each depicting unique abilities and skills. Let’s get to know them below.

Knights Chronicle Tier List – Create Your Most Powerful Team

In Knights Chronicle, heroes are divided into 4 categories; Defense, Hybrid, Attack, and Support. Fortunately, our Knights Chronicle Tier List gives you the list of best heroes in each category and some information about them, specifically why you should choose them.


Best Defense Heroes

When we say defense heroes, this type of hero secures their allies by forcibly letting opponents attack them. One of the missions of a defense hero is to ensure that everyone survives in the battle by blocking all the attacks of the enemies. Here are the highly recommended defense heroes you must include in your team in Knights Chronicle;


If you’re looking for an incredible defense hero on your team, then you must not miss the chance to choose Amon. He is a great tank as he possesses extraordinary taunting abilities against the enemies with his Sign of Destruction and Purifying Strike skills. With his great passive knack, the Revelation Signet, you’ll surely be amazed by his accuracy, evasion, and damage increases by 30%.


Like Amon, Marduk is also acclaimed as one of the best defense heroes in Knights Chronicle. Moreover, don’t underestimate the power of this hero, as he can turn into a disastrous machine of destruction once his kit is triggered. His excellent skills, namely Taunting Strike and Full Strike, can taunt enemies by just 2 to 3 turns.

Knights Chronicle Marduk


Best Attack Heroes

Whenever we hear attackers, it usually corresponds to damage, and that’s the specialty of these heroes. Furthermore, don’t underestimate attackers, as sometimes these characters can buff themselves to release more damage to the opponents. Here are the best attackers you opt to your team;


When talking about the best attackers in Knights Chronicle, there’s no way Cain will not be included in the Knights Chronicle Tier List. This hero is popular for his renowned talent in the Arena. Your opponents will surely be running away from his deadly skills known as Dark Beast and Beastly Beast. Additionally, don’t miss the chance to use his finisher ability, the Zap! Zap! Zap!.


Adding to the roster of the best attackers in Knights Chronicle is the magnificent Damian. This hero is eminent for being one of the most powerful heroes in the entire game. With his incredible skills, you can ensure that you can bring massive damage to your enemies effectively.

Knights Chronicle Damian



Another attacker you must include in your team is Verlandi. This strong anti-meta attacker is acclaimed for his superb skills in nullifying the likelihood of getting survived to the enemies. With his infamous skills known as Critical Strike, you can guarantee that your enemies will die quickly and stay dead.

Best Hybrid Heroes

If you’re searching for a hero that can do defense and attack, then you must look for a hybrid hero. This type of hero is eminent in offering extra utility in contrast with attackers but at a lower cost of damage. Additionally, hybrids are well known for their tremendous trading power for the utility. Here are the best hybrid heroes you must play in Knights Chronicle;


If you’re opting for a hybrid that’s prominent in terms of utility, you must be talking about Ramu. With her excellent passive Healing Wind, Ramy can heal her allies by 10% at the end of the turn. Once her ability reaches level 60, she can fully revive from death once in every battle. Aside from healing, Ramy also portrays an incredible skill in stunning her enemy with her Sword Rush skill.

Knights Chronicle Ramu



If Ramu is more of a healing companion, then Janus is highly acclaimed in terms of offense. This hero is prominent in defeating support heroes and loathing debuffs. Once he activates the Telekinetic Rage, his damage will increase by 80% and decreases the take damage by 50%.


Joining the roster of excellent hybrid heroes is Kali. This heroine is renowned for her excessive talent in hiding and striking. In addition, Kali is the type of hero who loves hiding. But, don’t take this as her weakness because you might be surprised once she starts to release her skills. Once her Regeneration Magic reaches level 60, her damage will be fatal as she kills her opponent by poisoning.

Best Support Heroes

The Knights Chronicle Tier list will never be complete without the support heroes. Similar to the usual games, support heroes are popular for their undying skills in healing and reviving allies. Furthermore, support heroes have a talent for removing debuffs and activating buffs to support their teammates. Here are the best support heroes that complete your team in Knights Chronicle;


When it comes to healing, you can always count on Deimos, especially when coupled with a dark-element character. With the help of his Pitch-Black Light, he can heal the weakest part of the team and can pull out the buff from his enemies.

Knights Chronicle Deimos



Like Deimos, Karen is also renowned for being a talented healer in Knights Chronicle. Aside from healing, this hero also gives her allies and herself extra turns. What’s more amazing about Karen is she gets an extra turn once an ally reaches below 30% HP using her Abundant Moonshine passive skill.

Let our Knights Chronicle Tier List Guide You

So, that’s a wrap for our Knights Chronicle Tier List! We hope that this blog helped you effectively create your winning team in this incredible RPG. For more updates and information about this stunning role-playing game, stay in the loop here in EmulatorPC. Meanwhile, check out our Brave Nine Tier List for more RPG goodness!

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