Good Pizza, Great Pizza Guide – What Every Beginner Must Know

Posted on August 6, 2022
Good Pizza Great Pizza Guide

If you’re immensely fond of pizza and wish to run your own pizzeria, then you better not miss adding Good Pizza, Great Pizza to your list of simulation games. It’s one of the top simulation games was published by TapBlaze last 2018. Your management skills will be challenged in this game as you need to run your own pizza shop effectively. To help you out in this compelling sim, let this Good Pizza, Great Pizza Guide guide you with your journey.

To show your prowess in managing the pizzeria, you need to work and show your guts to earn loads of dollars from your customers. If you think playing this game is easy, well, you better think twice because you need to deal with over 100 customers, and each of them depicts their own preferences and quirks. So let’s start with the guide to know more!

Good Pizza, Great Pizza Guide – How to Effectively Start the Game?

As mentioned above, your goal in Good Pizza, Great Pizza is to grow your business by earning dollars from your customers. So it will help if you successfully manage your business in all areas – from making pizzas up to the financial status of your food shop. If you wish to succeed in this game, you need to provide the best service to your customers. So to succeed in this food simulator, let this Good Pizza, Great Pizza Guide help you.


1. Be Knowledgeable in Creating a Delicious Pizza

If you want to earn more, you need to have more customers. To fulfill your goals in Good Pizza, Great Pizza, you must be keen on creating a great pizza first. What’s more useful about making a tasty pizza is that you can achieve a big tip. So in Good Pizza, Great Pizza, you need to focus more on the toppings. Regardless of what the customer asked you to put on the pizza, it would be best if you spread the said toppings in their pizza evenly.

If you wish to make your topping task more manageable, you can get a topping assistant with your gems. With their assistance, you can lessen the time spent spreading the toppings. However, keep in mind that applying too many toppings can negatively affect the customer’s feedback or reject your pizza and lose income.

Tip: Spread 18 pieces in each type of topping requested by the customer. For example, if the customer is asking for a pepperoni pizza, you must disperse 18 pepperoni slices on the pizza.

Good Pizza Great Pizza Toppings


2. Don’t Lose the Patience of Your Customers

When playing Good Pizza, Great Pizza, you need to focus on the patience of your customers. Take note that asking “What?” to your customers even if they have already placed an order can diminish their patience. To not affect your customers’ patience, it will be best to speed up your process of pizza making and focus more on the customer’s details. By doing this, you can secure the patience of your customers.

3. Focus On the Customer’s Details

Once a customer places their order, you need to focus more on the details raised by the customer. Understanding the details might be very tricky, but you’ll surely get the process as you progress. There are times that a customer will order three pizzas with different toppings. For example, a certain customer will ask for a pizza with toppings of vegan, fruit, and meat and cheese. If you’re quite confused with the details of your customer, you can take down some notes on a piece of paper or your gaming screen.

If it happens that you’re unsure about the ingredients, you can access the recipe book for more accurate details. Therefore, it’s best to be sure with the toppings you add to the pizza to fully satisfy your customers and get a chance to earn a tip.

Good Pizza Great Pizza Order


4. Take Note of the Special Terms

Aside from the toppings, you also need to be knowledgeable about the special terms some of your customers mentioned. You need to be keen on the specific meaning of those terms before you receive the order. Or else you need to refund the customer for giving a wrong order. For example, the customer wants to order a pizza that looks like the sunrise, then create a pizza using a sauce and cheese only. If the customer asks for well-done pizza, you need to place the pizza in the oven twice.

Good Pizza Great Pizza Special Terms


5. Don’t Hesitate to Help the Poor

Aside from the customers, there are times that poor people will visit your pizzeria. These people have less money or nothing. You can freely decline their order, but accepting the order is highly recommended. However, take note that you don’t need to use all the ingredients. So you can create their pizza with sauce and cheese. You might know this customer can pay you back sometime.


Build a Successful Pizzeria with the Good Pizza, Great Pizza Guide

So, there you have it. We hope that this Good Pizza, Great Pizza Guide helps you a lot in playing this exciting business simulation game. Remember the tips mentioned and become a successful business owner. But for more updates and information about Good Pizza, Great Pizza, stay in the loop here in EmulatorPC!

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