Toca Life World – 10 Amazing Locations Every Player Must Explore

Posted on October 21, 2021
Toca Life Exploring Cities

Toca Life World is an exciting simulation game perfect for kids and adults. Released by Toca Boca, this adorable game assembles various Toca worlds in one extensive game app. With just one game, you and your kids can easily create the dream world you wish to have.

Like the other Toca Boca games, this game features an open-ended gameplay experience where every player can modify various characters in fun-filled locations. What is more exciting is that this game enables players to capture moments on-screen and narrate the story using their voices. Toca Life World depicts gameplay that focuses on expressing creativity, storytelling, and exploration. Upon entering the game, you will have the opportunity to explore numerous locations where you can customize the characters and create the story.

So, in this article, you will be guided on the top 10 locations you should not miss. Maybe you already have your own list, but this guide might help you find the right location to explore and have fun as well.

1. Resort Hotel

First on our list is the resort hotel located on Omelette’s Island. This location has four floors and is composed of three hotel rooms, reception, restaurant, and a shop. Additionally, you can customize 11 adorable characters according to the story you wish to have and preferences as well.
Toca Life World Resort Hotel

You must not miss visiting this spot as it fits perfectly with the hotels and the beach. There are also many rooms and amenities such as a restaurant and reception, so there will be a lot of reasons to explore. It is really awesome staying here!

2. Interior Design Store

Next on our list is the Interior Design Store. Here, you can get lamps, boxes, and toys. You can also acquire stuff like candles, paintings, and pillows for your home. Besides that, you must not miss checking out the photo booth and capturing a memorable moment there.

This place offers six characters and one location only. Objects here are moveable, so shopping will be more exciting as you can also shop for furniture for your home. Upon visiting this location, you also unlock the entire area of the plaza.

3. Haunted House

This place provides two locations: the attic and the ground floor. Derived from the location’s name, you can encounter creepy creatures and strange paintings. This location enables you to customize nine spooky characters, and it is located in the Morning Meadows.

The spooky house is very enjoyable to explore. But, be reminded that there is a crumpet here who can scare you upon opening the door. Aside from its horrifying background, you will also have the privilege to discover various secrets here.

4. Ice Skating Village

Next on our list is the Ice Skating Village located in the district of Pompon peaks. It offers two locations – the cabin and the rink. Here, you can really enjoy your stay as you discover fun-filled places like ice skating rinks and wear fashionable ice skating outfits. You have nine characters to customize.

Aside from the ice skating rink, you can also enjoy this location by shopping for stuff, eating yummy crepes, and celebrating New Year’s Day in the cabin. What is more exciting about this location is that you can slide across your charming characters in the rink. You better not miss trying that cool thing.

5. Activity House

Landing on our fifth spot is the Activity house. This Toca Life World location has four floors, which are the dance floor, skateboards, sports arena, and turntable. Here, you can customize 26 characters, and there are a lot of exciting things you must not miss doing.
Toca Life World Activity House

There is an awesome area here where your character can play basketball, hockey, and skateboarding. In this location, you can also hang out with friends at the dorms and show your dancing skills in the dance area. This location is packed with exciting activities, so there is no reason why you should not check out this place.

6. Apartment Building

This location has four apartments: the Kawaii Studio, Industrial Studio, Bohemian Apartment, and a place where you can style on your own. Here, you can customize 12 characters, and you will surely be amazed by the designs of the rooms here.

7. Waterfront

This place has three locations, and you can customize 24 characters. It is located in the busy plaza, and you will surely love it here, especially if you’re fond of fish. Here, you can explore the aquarium and the surf shop. You can also spend your stay by eating your favorite seafood dish at the Krill Grill. This place is a perfect place to swim, dive and go fishing as well.

8. Character Creator

The Character Creator is located on the creative campus. Here, you can have a total of 30 character slots, and there’s a lot of features to customize your characters. Don’t miss buying the add-on pack to unlock the beautiful little place there.

9. Amusement Park

The next location you should check out in Toca Life World is Amusement Park. You’ll find three places here and be able to use 18 characters. This place features a cloud village, underwater land, and space world. What is more exciting about this place is that you can enjoy a fun ride, win at various game stalls, or just eat cotton candies and hotdogs.

10. Hospital

Last but not least is the hospital. This location has five floors and 30 characters to modify. This location is one of the biggest ones in this game. You can choose between being a doctor or a patient.
Toca Life World Hospital

Here, you can experience an ambulance, a doctor’s office, CAT scan, X-ray, surgery, and discover hidden spots. There is also a nursery, where you can check out adorable babies. Aside from the hospital, you can explore the location by going to the shop, outdoor area, and reception.

So, here are the top locations you must not miss visiting and exploring. Generally, there are a lot of locations you can choose from in Toca Life World. It’s just up to you what place you wish to stay and explore.

If you have a favorite location to visit in Toca Life World, you can share it here and let other players see for themselves what you love about this place. For more information, guide, and tips on your favorite simulation game, stay tuned here on EmulatorPC.

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