Granny Game Review – An Indie Game That Scares Millions

Posted on November 8, 2021
Granny Scares Millions

Are you looking for a unique horror game to play on Halloween? Well, you’re surely in for a good scare in Granny. It’s an excellent horror arcade game by DVloper that is filled with heart-racing moments and jump scares. Here, you’ll be going through many obstacles before you can escape the clutches of Granny. If you want to know more about what is Granny game, keep on reading to find out!

In this Granny game review, we’ll tackle the highlights on what makes this arcade game stand out and why it garnered a lot of positive reviews. We’ll also discuss the chilling Granny gameplay for new players to have an idea of what the game is about.

Chilling Sound Effects

What makes a horror game even scarier? What can make your hair stand on end? It’s the sound effects, of course! Most horror or scary movies you watch have exceptional musical scores, making the movies a lot scarier. It can easily make your heart beat faster and make your hairs stand on end. The same goes for Granny, which uses some of the most terrifying sound effects. In fact, its sound effects are similar to the ones you hear in horror and thriller movies. Because of that, it sets the stage for some scary 3D action and adventure.

Here’s an example. You can hear a looming sound effect that signals Granny being near the room. Once she’s near you, the sound effects become more intense and unbearable that will make you sweat. Imagine an old lady trying to catch you and subdue you using a bat. You’ll literally want to run for your life and make sure that she doesn’t see you. Of course, the musical score makes it more exciting and thrilling. That’s why many players love playing Granny.

Eerie 3D Graphics

Today’s video games are usually dominated by 3D graphics. And in the horror genre, Granny is one of the best. First, it has excellent attention to detail. You’ll never miss the essential items you need to use to escape Granny’s house. Second, the whole game is simple. But the 3D graphics give the game some semblance and balance. The overall graphical quality is similar to classic games in the 2000s, such as Half-Life, GTA III, and more. And there’s some charm in old-school 3D games.

Granny Game Review Jumpscare

Even though Granny’s graphics look a bit pixelated and 3D, it still makes the video game a bit more whole. You can clearly see Granny when she’s about to catch you, so make sure to avoid her. Besides that, the rooms in the house look creepy and the environment is dark and eerie.

Challenging Gameplay

The controls for Granny are very easy, but the entire gameplay is challenging. The tense atmosphere will make you feel nervous all the time, which is what many people love about it. Thus, the reason behind its positive rating from players.

Granny Game Drop Item

The game revolves around using different items to escape Granny’s house. While there are many ways to escape Granny, it is absolutely not easy because you are only given five days to escape. Apart from searching items, you also need to avoid Granny’s stalking threat where she tries to find you and hit you with a bat.

If you choose to escape with the car, you’ll need more items to do so. And there are some tricks you can use to avoid Granny, such as making a noise in a different part of the house, waiting for Granny to arrive, and then going to another side of the house that you want to explore.

Overall, there are 16 items needed for you to escape. But be careful because Granny can instantly hear any noise you make. That’s her only advantage and your weakness. In addition, she can set traps that can hinder your progress. You’ll also need to be wary of the giant spider on the top attic floor.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Granny is an exciting horror game that’s perfect to play during the Halloween season or anytime you want to get a good scare! And in this Granny game review, we rate it as an impressive 9/10. To make your playing experience scarier and more spine-chilling, make sure to play it on PC with EmulatorPC.

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