Granny - Escape Granny’s Mysterious House

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Version 1.7.9

Set in a dark and unsettling house, your task is to escape Granny and make it out alive. She seems to have supernatural powers because, with a tiny sound you make, she can hear you from the farthest part of the house. Waking up inside a musty room, you have five days to escape Granny’s house. If not, nobody ever knows what happened.

Do you have what it takes to defeat the main enemy? Find the objects you need to leave her house! Slow down your heart rate and focus. Don’t let Granny sense your fear. Play Granny and enjoy it with your friends without thinking twice!

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Mysterious Granny Out on the Loose

Waking up on a seemingly abandoned house was not part of your to-do list, but here you are. You open the door to see how you can leave, but Granny is lurking in the corner and will do everything to prevent you from going. Do you have the strength to face your fears and avoid her from seeing you?

Granny is an arcade game by DVloper that revolves around a character stuck in Granny’s house. The objective of the game is to find objects that can help you escape. Sabotage alarms and pick up weapons to help fend Granny off. Hide in spots that Granny won’t think about checking. Make sure to leave the house before the five days is up. Or else you’ll be Granny’s pet.

How to Play Granny

You wake up in a small and musky room. You need to find items that will help you escape the house. To do it, you must search all of the rooms in the house for these items. These items include a padlock key, hammer, cogwheel, pliers, master key, winch handle, playhouse key, and many more. These items gets correlated with each other, and there are times you will need the same things twice, so ensure you remember where you left them. The challenging part is Granny will be listening for your every move.

To escape Granny, you have to hide if you see her coming for you. You can use different kinds of weapons to fight her, but you can never kill her. Remember, you only have five days to escape. But once you run through the front door, you win the game.

Game Features

  • Simple yet visually appealing graphics
  • Foreboding music & sound effects
  • Hide & Seek Gameplay
  • Practice your skills
  • Have a scary yet fun experience with friends

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