Granny Guide – Best Tips & Tricks for Beginners to Escape Granny

Posted on November 8, 2021
Granny Attacking Girl

Halloween is just around the corner, so it’s time for you to enjoy playing spooky and thriller games. Among these is Granny, a horrifying arcade game filled with excitement and horror wrapped into one.

If you plan on playing this horror game for the first time, this Granny guide will teach you how to survive and escape Granny. Keep in mind that escaping Granny is not an easy task. But these tips and tricks will surely come in handy.

Essential Granny Tips You Should Know About

One of the first Granny tips you must always remember is to close all doors behind you. You should also drop all locations in a safe place where it wouldn’t make a sound when dropped. That way, Granny won’t hear where you are.


Granny Game Drop Item


Another thing to remember is to keep the Tranquilizer Darts, Crossbow, Shotgun, or the Freeze Trap in a safe place. Make sure you place it somewhere that’s accessible or near you so it’ll be easier for you to knock Granny out. That will give you more time to prepare for your escape.

If Granny is running after you, the best hiding places are the Attic, some parts of the Secret Area, Garage, or the Basement since Granny rarely comes by into these places. If you want to know the location of Granny, use the Unstable Flooring in the attic. But keep in mind that she can see you in the hole too. And if Granny is about to respawn, make sure to stay away from Bedroom 2, Basement, Living Room, and the Secret Area middle floor.

Another Granny tip is to drop items in strategic places. If you want to explore one part of the house and you don’t want Granny to follow around, drop items in places far from where you want to go. Those items you’ve dropped will act as a lure so you have more time to search for essential escape items.

At the beginning of the game, make sure to check the Bathroom for some items before she leaves the Basement. Be sure not to step on creaking floors, or else Granny will know where you are. Aside from the bathroom, make sure to explore the Upper Floor because she will head in that direction most of the time. If you need more time to get items on the Upper Floor, don’t forget to drop items on the Main Door.

Here’s another essential tip in this Granny guide. As much as possible, don’t hide in chests, the car, cabinets, or under the beds. You can hide in tunnels instead. Also, make sure to leave quickly in places where you see Granny most often.

Escape Tricks to Remember

There are many kinds of tricks you can use to beat Granny. But some of these are made for Extreme modes. Nevertheless, there are still basic tricks that are perfect for beginners to start with. In this Granny guide, here are some of the basic tricks that you can use when playing Granny.

The Secret Tunnel Trick

You can use the Secret Tunnel trick in two ways. If you want to explore the Ground Floor, you can make noise in the Secret Area Bottom Floor. Once you see Granny, crawl through the other side right away and search for items. You also need to unlock locks on the Main Floor.

Another way is to make noise in the Basement and freely explore the Secret Area. But while searching, make sure not to make a sound.

The Shed Trick

For this trick, you need to make a noise in the shed. Once you’ve made a noise that would catch Granny’s attention, then hide in the chest. If you see Granny, run up to the window and jump back inside the house discreetly. That will buy you enough time to go to another part of the house. It’s much safer than the Timed Window jump because you’re aware that Granny is in the backyard.


Granny Game Shed Trick


The Door Trick

The door trick only works on the doors of these rooms: the starting Bedroom and the locked Dining room. For the Starting Bedroom door, you need to throw the vase on the corner of the room, then wait for Granny. Once you see her enter the room, sneak out quietly and go to the room where you want to visit.

For the Backyard Door trick, you need to throw an item beside the Playhouse or the shed. Then, wait for Granny to investigate. Once she opens the door, slip out and go where you want to go. Be sure to get out as fast as you can since the door will shut quickly.

The Garage Trick

You need to make a noise in the Garage by knocking over the bumper. After that, run back and hide in the Secret Tunnel. Once she arrives in the Garage, leave the Basement safely and close the door. But make sure that Granny is far before doing the trick because you’ll need time to hide in the tunnel before she comes.

The Jail Cell Trick

If you’ve been jailed in the Jailcell, make a noise by knocking the plank over to steal her attention. Then, once Granny unlocks the door, step across the plank to the other side quickly. Now, this trick is similar to the Timed Window Jump. However, you need to leave after that before Granny will notice and start heading back.


It’s a known fact that escaping Granny is difficult, especially for beginners. But with all these tips and tricks in this Granny guide, you’ll easily survive the game. You might even beat Granny in just the first few tries of playing it!

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