Hay Day Pets Guide – What You Need to Know About Pets & Their Benefits

Posted on November 11, 2021
Hay Day Pets Guide

Published by Supercell, Hay Day is a casual simulation game that enables players to raise adorable cartoon livestock and manage crops on a beautiful farm. Like the normal farming sims, this game involves doing repetitive tasks that acquire long hours and unending hard work. This immersive simulation game gives you a lot of opportunities to explore. It lets you unleash your creative side by modifying your farm according to your preferences. If you want to level up your farm and transform it into a grade-A farm, you better invest in things that will enable you to get more coins and experience, like having various pets on your farm.

What are Hay Day Pets?

Aside from a myriad of tasks, acquiring pets is also a great way to level up your farm. Animals are one of the main features of Hay Day. Generally, there are three types of animals in Hay Day: the farm animal, pets, and the animals that give color to the game. When talking about farm animals, these animals are responsible for producing goods in manufacturing products to sell. On the other hand, pets are the animals that offer experience points and supplies.

Hay Day Pets

Pets are not easy to acquire. To get pets like cats and dogs, you need to have “Pet Vouchers”. To get Pet Vouchers, you have to accomplish a variety of truck and boat deliveries. Before getting a pet, you also need to purchase a shelter for your future pet. For example, if you intend to buy a dog, you need to get a dog house. Once you get a pet, you can walk them freely to your farm, and like a typical animal, you need them to feed and sleep as well. By doing this, you will get rewards and experience points in exchange. On a single farm, you can have a total of 53 charming pets. What is more exciting about having pets on Hay Day is you can name your pets.

What Types of Pets Can You Have on Hay Day?

On Hay Day, you can invest in various pets such as bunnies, cats, dogs, donkeys, horses, kittens, peacocks, puppies and more. Each animal depicts different colors, kinds, food and ways of helping you to improve your farm. Here are the Hay Day Pets:


Under this animal type, you can choose from white, fluffy, and black bunnies. For you to get a bunny, you need to purchase a bunny house. Bunnies eat carrots and, in exchange, give 30 experience points upon waking them up. You need to have 24 green, six blue, and one purple vouchers or 590 diamonds to have a bunny. On the other hand, you must have 12 green, 12 blue and 1 gold vouchers or 620 diamonds to gain fluffy bunnies. And, for the black one, you are required to pay 15 gold, and 15 purple vouchers or 1950 diamonds.



If you are fond of cats, you can get either Tabby, Calico or Tuxedo cats. To acquire a cat for your farm, you first need to buy a cat house. Cats are fed through giving milk and, in exchange, give experience points depending on the kind. Tabby gives 20 experience points, Calico offers 30, and Tuxedo, 40 points. To acquire Tabby, you need to pay 8 green and 3 purple vouchers or 270 diamonds. In contrast, Calico pays you to pay 15 green, 4 purple, and 1 gold voucher or 505 diamonds. As for Tuxedo, you must place 20 green, 8 blue, 8 purple and 4 gold vouchers.

Cats In Hay Day



If you are a dog lover, you can check out Retriever, Hound and Pinscher. But, before getting a dog, you need first to get a dog house. And, dogs are fed through bacon that enables them to give your experience points depending on their type. Retriever gives 30 experience points, Hound awards you 50, and Pinscher, 40 points. To have Retriever as your pet, you need to pay 9 green and 2 blue vouchers or 195 diamonds. Hound requires 18 green, 10 blue, 5 purple, and 5 gold vouchers or 1220 diamonds. Lastly, Pinscher costs 12 green, 5 blue, and 2 gold vouchers or 490 diamonds.




In this animal type, you can either get Provence, Andalusian and Anatolian donkeys. And, for you to get donkeys, you need to buy a donkey stable. Like bunnies, donkeys are fed through carrots and offer experience points according to their kind in exchange. Provence gives 25 experience points, Andalusian offers 30 points while Anatolian, 35 points.


Like other pets, you are also required to get vouchers or diamonds to get donkeys. Provence acquires 2 green, 20 blue, 2 purple, 2 gold vouchers or 1670 diamonds. On the other hand, the Andalusian donkey needs 2 green, 2 blue, 20 purple, and 2 gold vouchers or 1250 diamonds. Anatolian requires you 2 green, 2 blue, 2 purple, and 20 gold vouchers or 1790 diamonds in exchange.


In this animal type, you can have Bay and Pinto. And, to get a horse, you must first establish a horse stable. Like bunnies and donkeys, horses eat carrots in exchange for experience points. Bay gives 60 experience points while Pinto offers 100 points. To have Bay to your farm, you need to pay 9 green, 10 blue, 8 purple vouchers or 835 diamonds. And for Pinto, you must be able to have 9 green, 9 blue, 9 purple. 9 gold vouchers or 1575 diamonds in exchange.

Horse In Hay Day



Though there are cats, Hay day enables you to have more adorable kittens on your farm. Same with cats, you can have Tabby, Tuxedo, and Calico kittens. And, for you to get them, you need to buy a kitten house. Like the usual cats, kittens are also fed by drinking milk for 40 experience points regardless of their kind. To have a Tabby kitten, you need to prepare 70 green, and 1 gold vouchers, or 1130 diamonds. Tuxedo acquires you to pay 30 purple and 10 gold vouchers, or 2300 diamonds. Lastly, Calico costs 20 blue, 15 purple, and 4 golden vouchers, or 1670 diamonds.




On Hay Day, you can have two peacocks, namely Blue and Brown. And, to acquire them, you need to set the birdhouse. Unlike other pets, peacocks need various foods like soybean, sesame, strawberry, carrot, cabbage, sunflower, fish fillet, broccoli and watermelon in exchange for random experience points. To have a Blue peacock, you need to set 10 green vouchers and 9 chick vouchers. And, as for Brown, it costs 3 purple vouchers and 9 chick vouchers. You can have this animal when you reach level 20.




If there are kittens, then there should be puppies as well. Same with the dogs, you can have Retrievers, Pinscher, and Hound Puppies. And, before acquiring them, you need to purchase the puppy house. Like the big dogs, puppies are fed through the bacon and enable you to obtain 35 experience points in exchange.


To get a Retriever puppy, you need to pay 36 green and 8 blue vouchers, or 780 diamonds. As for the Pinscher puppy, it costs 35 blue and 5 purple vouchers, or 1300 diamonds. Lastly, Hound costs 15 green, 15 blue, 15 purple, and 5 gold vouchers, or 1825 diamonds.

So, here you go, let this list of adorable pets you can have on Hay Day. With the help of these pets, you can level up quickly and enjoy more playing the simulation farming sim. Are you ready to get a pet for your farm? Well, keep us updated by sharing your Hay Day pet’s name here!

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