Punishing Gray Raven Tier List – Best Constructs Worth Investing In

Posted on September 26, 2022
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If you’re a massive fan of action role-playing games that tackles more in the sci-fi genre, you must not miss having Punishing: Gray Raven to your kit. Initially released last 2019 in china, this fantastic game finally landed with its global audience with the help of KURO TECHNOLOGY (HONG KONG) CO., LIMITED.

A Glimpse about Punishing: Gray Raven

In Punishing: Gray Raven, you’ll be set in a post-apocalyptic world packed with cybernetic killers. To stop these killers from dominating the world, you need to command an army of Constructs and unleash their skills to defeat the enemies and regain control of the earth.

To fully understand Punishing: Gray Raven, it is a gacha game filled with exciting elements such as in-game currencies, gacha systems, and other purchases you need to make to prosper in the game. As a gacha game, you must opt for enough resources to summon your Constructs along with their equipment.

In Punishing: Gray Raven, each construct offers a unique ability and stats that can help you withstand your enemies. Here, you are tasked to create a team of 3 constructs and go on the mission using hack and slash combat. The question now is, who among the constructs available is worth being part of your team? Let the Punishing Gray Raven Tier list help you.

Punishing: Gray Raven Tier List – Form Your Greatest Team of Constructs

If you’re having trouble how to form your team of constructs, you better not miss using the Punishing Gray Raven Tier list. In this list, you’ll get a chance to meet the best and worst characters in the game that can help you create your team.

In this Punishing: Gray Raven Tier list, the Constructs are grouped into 3 tiers; S, A, and B. S-Tier Constructs are renowned for being the most formidable characters, while the B-Tier constructs are the worst ones. So, are you ready to meet this game’s most powerful and fragile Constructs? Check out the Punishing: Gray Raven Tier list now!

S-Tier Constructs

If you are looking for the overpowered ones that can effectively give you the victory you are opting for, then you better form your team filled with S-Tier Constructs. When it comes to stats and abilities, you can confidently deploy these heroes and have a bigger chance of winning the battle. Here are the best characters in Punishing: Gray Raven worth investing in;

  • Karenina – Ember
  • Kamui – Tenebrion
  • Liv – Luminance
  • Lee – Entropy
  • Lucia – Crimson Abyss
  • Lucia – Plume
  • Vera – Flare
  • Roland – Theatrical Flame
  • Pulao – Ornate Bell
  • Selena – Capriccio
  • Bianca – Veritas
  • Nanami – Pulse
  • Liv – Solaeter
  • Selena – Tempest
  • Chrome – Glory
  • Qu – Pavo
  • Luna – Laurel, 2B
  • 9S
  • A2
  • Camu – Crocotta
  • Rosetta – Arctic


Karenina Punishing Gray Raven Tier List


A-Tier Constructs

Next to the S-Tier Constructs are the A-Tier characters. If your luck is not good enough to obtain S-Tier characters, you might test again by opting for A-Tier characters. Like the characters above, Constructs under this tier are acclaimed to be assertive but not as dynamic as the heroes above. Here are the characters under A-Tier;

  • Banji – Fate
  • Changyu – Qilin
  • Vera – Rozen
  • Bianca – Zero
  • Lee – Palefire
  • Chrome – Arclight
  • Sofia – Silver Fang
  • Ayla – Brilliance
  • Watanabe – Astral
  • Lucia – Dawn
  • Watanabe – Nightblade
  • Sophia – Silverfang
  • No. 21 – XXI
  • Kamui – Bastion
  • Karenina – Blast
  • Liv – Lux



B-Tier Constructs

Constructs under this tier are not talented as the ones above. Though certain points can support your higher-tier characters, they are still not advisable to be part of your team, especially if you’re dealing with a challenging battle. If it happens that you’ve ended up using B-Tier characters, try your best to replace them quickly with the higher-tier constructs above. Here are the characters under the last tier;

  • Liv – Eclipse
  • Lucia – Padma
  • Nanami – Storm


Punishing Gray Raven Lucia Constructs


Meet the Best Constructs in Punishing: Gray Raven

To know better the best characters in Punishing: Gray Raven, here are some short information about them;

Karenina – Ember

This construct is renowned for dealing loads of burst damage in a particular area, making her more awesome in defeating various enemies. This character is acclaimed to have a fantastic specialty in releasing formidable AoE attacks in melee range and can pass out both Elemental and Physical damage.

Karenina Constructs Punishing Gray Raven


Liv – Luminance

If you’re looking for a great healer for your team, then you must place Liv – Luminance on the spot. This construct is renowned for its skills in reducing the damage her teammates grasped and healing itself. You can win the game by merely having a tank with her. Liv – Luminance is more focused on Healing and Member Damage Reduction.

Liv Punishing Gray Raven


Nanami – Pulse

If you are the type of gamer who always look for the best tank in the game, well, you better not miss having Nanami – Pulse in your kit. It will be best to team up this character with Liv, and you’ll get your ultimate team immediately. Nanami – Pulse is well-known for dealing with physical and elemental damage and resistance reduction.

Beat Your Enemies Effectively Using the Punishing: Gray Raven Tier List

Now that you’ve already known the best and worst Constructs in Punishing: Gray Raven. This is the perfect time to form your winning team and dominate all the battles.

We hope that this Punishing: Gray Raven helped you a lot in deciding who among the roster of characters available will be part of your team. For more updates, tips, tricks, and information about this action game stay tuned here in EmulatorPC.

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