Garena Arena of Valor Tier List – Know the Best Heroes For Your Team

Posted on September 5, 2022
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If you’re an avid MOBA or Mobile Online Battle Arena games fan, there’s no way that Garena AOV or Garena Arena of Valor will not be included in your list. This multiplayer action game was developed by TiMi Studio Group and published by Garena Online and Tencent last 2016. And soon, you’ll know more about this action game and the heroes with our Arena of Valor Tier List!

A Glimpse of Arena of Valor

If you’re familiar with the phenomenal MOBA games, you’ll surely figure out how to play this game. Here, you’re tasked to engage in an excessively high definition combat arena. Moreover, you’ll be set in two teams, which consist of five players each who will fight each other in a battle arena. Each team has its own base and the main mission is to demolish the opponent’s core.

You’ll be set in three lanes and a jungle. Once the match starts, hordes of minions will begin approaching the said lanes. However, take note that each team has its own minions and also neutral monsters that will appear in the jungle. But getting rid of your enemy’s monsters, minions, players, or buildings will reward your gold. After that, you can utilize the gold in acquiring items to boost your character’s fighting abilities.

In Garena Arena of Valor, there are seven classes to choose from. Plus, each of them depicts uniqueness on the battlefield. There are Tanks, Warriors, Assassins, Mages, Marksmen, Support, and Junglers. Therefore, you can choose among the superheroes in each class that fits your playstyle. But to accurately help you find out who among the team can withstand you with your battles in this action game, let the Arena of Valor Tier List help you out.


Arena of Valor Tier List – Dominate the Battle Arena With Best Heroes

In Garena AOV, there are loads of factors to consider if you wish to dominate the battle along with your teammates. One of the critical factors that you need to focus on is Team Synergy. Therefore, you must develop a hero that fits your teammates’ abilities or can assist their heroes’ power. But, the question now is, who is the best hero worth investing in? Garena Arena of Valor has an extensive pool of heroes classified into seven classes available. Furthermore, each hero depicts unique stats and abilities that can help you stand out in the game.

To help you decide which hero to aim for, let the Arena of Valor Tier List help you in your path. In this list, the heroes are grouped into 6 tiers; S, A, B, C, D, and E. S-Tier heroes are renowned for being formidable ones, while E-Tier heroes are known to be the most delicate ones.

So, without further ado, here are the best and most fragile heroes of Arena of Valor;

S-Tier Heroes

If you want to ensure your victory in the game, then you must not miss having the overpowered heroes of S-Tier heroes on your side. Heroes under this tier are renowned for their extraordinary competitiveness in battles as they’re known to be the main meta of the game. So when it comes to impact and fighting abilities, S-Tier heroes can surely help you out. Here are the heroes in this tier;

  • Dirak
  • Tulen
  • Violet
  • Lauriel
  • Zip
  • Ryoma
  • Lorion
  • Teemee
  • Riktor


Arena Of Valor Violet

Image Source: Arena of Valor Heroes


A-Tier Heroes

Following the most powerful heroes from the Arena of Valor are the A-Tier heroes. Like the formidable heroes above, A-Tier heroes are also considered to be also powerful and can resist the enemies in your battles. Here are the heroes in A-Tier;

  • Rouie
  • Veres
  • Hayate
  • Marja
  • Xeniel
  • Maloch
  • Laville
  • Kriknak
  • Yorn
  • Wonder Woman
  • Ignis
  • Krixi
  • Quillen
  • Lumburr
  • Omen
  • Nakroth
  • Murad
  • Zata
  • Paine
  • Raz
  • Yena
  • Thane


Arena Of Valor Quillen


B-Tier Heroes

Heroes under this group are known to be average heroes. But they can still competently fulfill their roles. You can still count on B-Tier heroes. However, make sure to use them correctly in your battles. Here are the heroes under this tier;

  • Cresht
  • Grakk
  • Airi
  • Lu Bu
  • Superman
  • Florentino
  • Natalya
  • Wukong
  • Preyta
  • Mina
  • Slimz
  • Brunhilda
  • Arthur
  • Jinmar
  • Eland’orr
  • Kil’Groth
  • Tel’Annas
  • Chaugnar
  • Butterfly
  • Fennik
  • Liliana


Arena Of Valor Arthur


C-Tier Heroes

C-Tier heroes are known to be average heroes that can be advantageous or disadvantageous to your team. Even though you can still work out using heroes in this group, they can’t fully ensure your victory with themselves alone. Here are the C-Tier heroes;

  • Ilumia
  • Qi
  • Moren
  • Valhein
  • Mganga
  • Omega
  • Dextra
  • Bright
  • The Joker
  • Zill
  • Rourke
  • Elsu
  • Zephys
  • Zanis
  • Thorne
  • Allain
  • Roxie
  • Khalii


Arena Of Valor Valhein


D-Tier Heroes

D-Tier heroes are distinguished as below-average heroes in Garena Arena of Valor. Like the C-Tier group, you can consider using the heroes in this tier, provided you’ll utilize them correctly. However, it’s still highly recommended to settle for higher-tier heroes than the heroes in this tier. Here are the heroes in C-Tier;

  • Diaochan
  • D’Arcy
  • Azzen’Ka
  • Astrid
  • Skud
  • Max
  • Enzo


Arena Of Valor Astrid


E-Tier Heroes

Last but definitely the least in our tier list is the E-Tier. Heroes under this tier are known to be weak and delicate. Therefore, it’s not recommended to settle with these heroes as they can’t fully withstand you in your battles. However, if you end up having no choice but to settle for these heroes, try your best to replace them with higher-tier heroes. So here are the fragile heroes in Arena of Valor;

  • Arduin
  • Taara
  • Errol
  • Gildur


Arena Of Valor Arduin


Dominate the Battlefield Using Arena of Valor Tier List

Are you ready to assist your team with the most powerful hero in Garena Arena of Valor? Why settle to your wild guesses and assumptions if you can accurately conquer the arena with the best heroes from the Arena of Valor Tier List? So, what are you waiting for? Set the best hero and rule the battlefield. But for more updates, tips, tricks, and updates about this awesome action MOBA game, feel free to catch us here in EmulatorPC.


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