Rise Of Kingdoms PC – A Guide To The Strategy Game’s Gameplay

Posted on June 5, 2021
Rise of Kingdoms Guide

Strategy games are always exciting and entertaining to play. Not only do they require a lot of planning and strategizing, but these games also come with plenty of action. Then there’s also the part where you need to cooperate with players to thrive. They’re fun, exciting, and very entertaining to play. One of the best strategy games you can play is Rise of Kingdoms PC.

Published by LilithGames, it’s a strategy game where you get to build a civilization. You’ll start with a small village at first and then try to grow it into a thriving and great empire. You get to construct several buildings, do research, and train troops. You also get to attack other villages and defend your own from attackers. Rise of Kingdoms is exciting, entertaining, and it’s a game that offers anything you’d want from a strategy game.

But like with any strategy game, it can be a bit overwhelming to play. You need to consider many things, especially if you want to succeed in Rise of Kingdoms. To help you play this game properly, this blog post will provide a gameplay guide to Rise of Kingdoms PC.

Getting Started with Rise of Kingdoms

The first thing you need to do is to select the civilization you want to start with. This is an important decision since each civilization has different passive bonuses as well as starting commanders. Some civilizations will provide great passive bonuses, making it easier to develop your town. Then, there are civilizations with powerful starting commanders, which can help greatly in battle.

Rise of Kingdoms PC

The one you should choose comes down to preference and playstyle. But the civilizations with the best passive bonus should be your priority. Once you have chosen your civilization, you’ll undergo a short tutorial to learn the Rise of Kingdom’s gameplay basics. But the gist of it all is that your main objective is to build and develop your town.

Focus On Developing Your City Hall

Though PVP battles are a big part of Rise of Kingdoms, you’ll have to focus more on developing your town in the beginning. And the best way to do that is to focus on your City Hall. This building will determine the level of every other structure in the game.

This means that no structure can have a higher level than the City Hall. Focusing on the City Hall isn’t bad since it will usually have a prerequisite before you can upgrade it further. That prerequisite usually involves achieving a certain level for a certain building. This means that you also get to develop other important buildings when you focus on upgrading the City Hall.

You do this until your City Hall reaches level 5. After that, you can start slowing down your City Hall’s development and start focusing more on building an army.
Use Gems On Purchasing VIP Levels

One of the in-game currencies you will have in Rise of Kingdoms is gems. There are various ways you can earn them in the game, but the fastest one is by purchasing them. But if you’re a free-to-play player, you can do missions or events to get them.

Rise of Kingdoms Guide

Gems can be used to quickly complete upgrades or speed up the training of troops. But the best way to use them is by upgrading your VIP level. The VIP can grant exclusive powerful buffs in Rise of Kingdoms. Many buffs are useful like gaining an additional worker slot at level 6, which allows constructing two buildings simultaneously. In fact, VIP levels 5 – 10 will help greatly in your progress. It’s wise to use your gems on upgrading them.

Don’t Forget to Join Alliances

Joining an alliance is going to be a big part of your success and progress in Rise of Kingdoms. One of the benefits of being part of an alliance is that your allies can help in your building efforts. It reduces the time needed to complete them. Being part of an alliance also provides you with added benefits from the alliance tree, gift chests, and added territory. You also get protection and cooperation in case other players are trying to target your town.

Focus on Developing Commanders

When it comes to commanders, you will likely have plenty of them as you continue playing. It’s advisable, though, to focus only on developing 2-3 commanders. By doing this, you are maximizing the resources you have and strengthening your powerful heroes. You’re also not stretching yourself too thin by trying to develop all of the commanders you have. Two to three commanders are already enough to help you get by.

There are many more things that you need to remember when playing Rise of Kingdoms. But the ones mentioned here will greatly help you in progressing properly and becoming a powerful civilization. So, test out these tips by playing Rise of Kingdoms PC. Use our EmulatorPC app for a more optimized experience!

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